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Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Farting around Las Vegas Motor Speedway

I have a deep love for the radio. Every morning I listen to my favorite Morning Show. It’s called BS in the morning. It’s on Las Vegas’s own Komp Rock 92.3. I’m a first-time caller long time listener. I’ve attended many of the social functions hosted by the rock station. That’s when I was able to meet the hosts. I have been able to do many fun things since meeting Sparksradio. This is one of them.

RussellAaron explains credit score

Get a credit score of 726 in 10 months with this easy method.

I want to share with you how I went from having a none credit score to a credit score of 726 in 10 months. You heard me right, none. Credit. Not bad credit not zero credit but none credit. See I grew up with one philosophy about money. If you don’t have the money in your bank account or in your wallet don’t spend any. If there’s something you want to buy you save up for it. You said the money you saved up aside and you save up for another two months. That way when you spend the money to buy whatever it is you save it up for, you’re not flat broke.