Get paid for knowing how WordPress works.

Someone wants to pay you $100 to install a plugin and update page content.

Small business owners need the help of a professional WordPress Power User to make daily edits on their WordPress website. When I worked for a mortgage company, I had steady and constant work. As their business grew, I had more to manage on the website. Not to mention email tracking and marketing the business. It’s a full time job and it can all be done from home.

Small business owners need help with their WordPress website. Unfortunately, there are stories where web developers stop talking to clients and leave the project unfinished. The owner tries to poke around for a few days and realizes – they need help doing a couple of things right away:

  • Making changes to individual pages and blog posts
  • Updating content & contact form information
  • Changing what appears on the homepage slider
  • Changing hours of operations in widgets
  • Checking/changing website, theme or plugin settings
  • Managing Ecommerce Orders

There are plenty of business owners needing the help of a trained WordPress Power User to run the day to day operations and make overall improvements.

What is a WordPress Power User?

Russell Aaron speaking to WordCamp San Diego 2017 attendees

There are too many themes and plugins out in the wild. It’s nearly impossible to know how each one works and how it works with other plugins & themes. However, there is a secret to knowing how to solve any issue with WordPress. The trick is to understanding how WordPress, themes and plugins work individually and together when they become installed and activated. Paying attention to what changes when a plugin becomes activated/deactivated.

A WordPress Power User is a skilled and knowledgeable individual using the WordPress CMS to operate and maintain the status of a WordPress Website.

– Russell Aaron

A WordPress Power User is a skilled and knowledgeable individual using the WordPress CMS to operate and maintain the status of a WordPress Website. A WordPress Power User understands how each website is put together in order to fix, repair or suggest ways to improve the overall performance and health of the website. You don’t have to know how to write or understand code. A WordPress Power User can identify the source of an issue and suggest ways to reach out for help and support. It’s like having a manager specifically for your website.

If a client tells you there used to be an events calendar on their home page and they would like to have it back. Where do you look? In the theme? WordPress Customizer? Could a plugin be deactivated or uninstalled? Does the client have a staging site where the calendar could still be in place? Is there a backup for reference? Did the code on the homepage template break?

The fact that we’re asking these questions makes us a WordPress Power User.

Let’s talk about expectations and a price.

Becoming a WordPress Power User takes a little bit of patients and time. Good news is we have both. If you have a basic understanding of how WordPress works and you would like to take over building and maintaining you own WordPress site, or start managing sites for a couple sites for new clients, I’ll show you my WordPress tips and tricks.

After my 2 hour 1:1 WP Power User session, you’ll have full confidence in using the WordPress dashboard, navigate settings and check the common area’s first. This isn’t rocket science. It’s WordPress and there’s a technique to it all.

Here’s what I’ll teach you in order to become a WordPress Power User

  • Configuring Domain DNS records
  • Why choose Managed WordPress hosting over shared hosting
  • How to Make a proper WordPress Backup
  • Creating a duplicate site for testing purposes ( Staging website )
  • What to expect when you first install a WordPress theme
  • What to expect when you first install a WordPress plugin
  • Common WordPress errors and how to fix them
  • Typical User Mistakes and ways to avoid them
  • How to properly reach out to 3rd Party support companies
  • The applications you’ll need to have set up on your computer
  • Resources and links to continue your education

Debugging a WordPress blog is like unwrapping a snickers for me. I make a living as a WordPress developer for a Las Vegas Casino. This is my side hustle where I get to fulfill my passion for helping people and giving back to the community. I still make a profit and I’m not competing in a price war with “the industry” or “the WP space”.

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