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You Can Have A Career In WordPress. I’ll Show You How.

Russell Aaron has been a WordPress guy in Downtown Las Vegas for 11+ years. Russ has worked in real estate, development/support agencies, podcasting, Downtown Las Vegas Hotels & Casinos and managed WordPress hosting. All using WordPress.

Let me tell you why to teach you WordPress.

WordPress Support

Millions of small business and corporations need WordPress help everyday. Everything from simple content edits to building new functionality. Pay your bills with WordPress.

I can teach you to support WordPress.

Learn the basic fundamentals of WordPress.

I’ve spent 15+ years in WordPress. Co-Organizing and Speaking at a monthly Las Vegas WordPress meetup group. Speaking at WordCamp event’s. All while learning how to improve my own WordPress skills to help others build their online business and identity. At the very least, I’ll teach you these six things you need to know.

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Make a backup

I’ll show you how to make a manual/automated backup.


Track your visitors

Use analytics to see what your users like most.

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Blog smarter

Write content effectively and efficiently w/ a few tricks.



Know what you want to build? I’ll get you going.


Going Live

I’ll help you prep for launching your website.

WordPress Job

Tutorials and Guides

Writing helpful documentation is important.


Whatever it is you need help doing with WordPress. I can teach / help you. Your WordPress site will be taken care of.

Man of many talents

Freelance Developer. Creative Director. Full Stack Developer. WP Support Specialist. Backend Developer. Podcast personality. Meetup & WordCamp Organizer. Speaker. Teacher. WordPress Training

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Say hello to Russell Aaron
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WordPress thoughts

You can catch me on a couple of my favorite weekly WordPress podcasts on Youtube.

WP Round Table, WPWatercooler, The WordPress Marketing Show, Dev Branch.

I’m also on the first podcast produced by a Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

I’ve not only worked with the smartest minds in WordPress. I’ve partied with most of them too. At WordCamps, meetup groups and a couple of WP company retreats. Here’s a short story about my journey through WP along with pictures and videos.

WordPress Training Blog Posts

Here are a few of my favorite WordPress articles I’ve written over the years. Each means a lot to me in many ways. You’ll also learn something. Enjoy.

A WordPress theme demonstration can be useful in a number of ways. You can view the source to: see how a developer is storing an image file, copy some html that you will put into a widget area to get the look you’re trying to go for, or simply viewing the theme and how it’s laid out. It’s not a bad idea to have a demonstration of a WordPress theme up, it’s just that there is more than 30% of information lacking.

I don’t type anymore. A story about voice to text and blogging better over time.

Did you know that your smartphone has a web browser built into it? Did you know that most modern smartphones have a voice to text feature built into the keyboard? That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you can log into your WordPress website and write a new post by using your voice. I’m doing this right now and it is fantastic. I’ve mentioned Voice to Text blogging to the Las Vegas Bloggers group a few times.

Google Built My Website means I’ve spent countless numbers of hours Googling the answer to my WordPress questions. When it’s three in the morning, there’s hardly anyone online to ask a question. Also, The Advanced WordPress Group on Facebook didn’t exist. You can post a question on a support forum. It usually takes a few days to get a response. You can ask people at your local meetup. I highly recommend that. However, meetups are usually once a month. There’s also an agenda planned. So asking your question is hard to do. SO where do you turn? Google?

How to become a better role model quickly

I am trying to become a better role model. Specifically for the Vegas WordPress Meetup Group. I’m lead organizer of the group and one day I realized something. Once a month, I speak in front of a group of WordPressers and they ask me questions. I answer their questions as best as I can. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could actually answer the questions with real advice? That’s why I need to become a better role model. I started writing a post status about Plugins that can help you Theme Your WordPress Dashboard.

Who needs a WordPress theme that’s built specifically for men that watch Football on Saturday and not on Sunday? Someone did because these WordPress Themes exist. How about the Super Specific WordPress Themes that are built for Lawn Services, Lawyers that never win lawsuits, and Pest & Rodent removal companies specifically? Why would a theme be built specifically for those three types of business categories and not other categories? I’m telling you that the Super Specific WordPress Themes are getting out of hand.

Paid WordPress Themes Worry Me. Here’s Why. You’ll probably agree.

My biggest problem with paid WordPress themes is that you never know if the entire theme is built on sidebars & widgets, a crazy custom options panel, shortcodes or raw HTML. I love looking at live demonstrations of paid WordPress themes. It actually helps me come up with clever new things that I can do with my own WordPress blog. Regardless, I’m always thinking the same thing over and over again after viewing paid WordPress themes. “How is that being done”? That’s my problem. How is it being built? To be fair, it doesn’t really matter how it’s being done.