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What’s the deal with Super Specific WordPress Themes?

Super Specific WordPress Themes

Who needs a WordPress theme that’s built specifically for men that watch Football on Saturday and not on Sunday? Someone did because these WordPress Themes exist. How about the Super Specific WordPress Themes that are built for Lawn Services, Lawyers that never win lawsuits, and Pest & Rodent removal companies specifically? Why would a theme be built specifically for those three types of business categories and not other categories? I’m telling you that the Super Specific WordPress Themes are getting out of hand. The problem with all of these Super Specific WordPress Themes is that they are all built on the same framework and using the same plugin to build pages out. The only differences are the images and colors being used. So maybe the images dictate these Super Specific WordPress Themes? That’s a theory, but it’s the wrong theory.

We need more Super Specific WordPress Themes

I think we need Super Specific WordPress Themes that are built specifically for homeless people. We need Themes that are built for acapella groups with 3 members and not 4 members. We need more WordPress Themes that are specifically built for Magicians, mimes, and clowns. Why don’t these types of themes exist? Sure, bands and musical acts make more money than Illusionist and street performers. So it makes sense to have a Band / Music / Independent Artist / Record Label WordPress Theme. But why is that theme only limited to those types of musically inclined people. Why can’t that theme work for tap dancers and ballerina’s? Well my friends, I’ll tell you why Super Specific WordPress Themes are super specific. Because the Custom Post Types dictate who the theme is for. Custom Fields also dictate who the theme is for. It’s also a small SEO boost when the theme has specific business categories mentioned in the title.

Custom Post Type Dictators

When you are building a demo for Super Specific WordPress Themes, you’re going to have to include all of the bells and whistles. That means that URL’s need to match the terms of / in the industry. Photographers have a portfolio. Musicians have demo reels & single track demo’s. So you could make the argument that one could stuff both of those into a single custom post type called Portfolio. Lawyers have Services and Sandwich shops have a menu. So you could make the argument that one could stuff both of those into a single custom post type called Services. But the question is: Why would a sandwich shop put their entire menu into a custom post type called services? Their service is offering sandwiches. The sandwiches that they offer need to go into a post type called “Menu”. With that little detail, you get why there are Super Specific WordPress Themes that are built for completely different business categories. Some business categories are night and day, and yet they use the same terms. So it makes sense that there is a theme for Matador’s and Motorcycle Mechanics. DUH!

Funny Idea’s for Super Specific WordPress Themes

  • Bank robber theme
  • Fed Ex Employee that builds boxes theme
  • Official ball point pen tester theme
  • Themes for the blind
  • Themes for people that like grapes and hate apples
  • Themes for people that like apples and hate grapes
  • Themes for the mob
  • Official Drop Dead Fred theme
  • Your mother doesn’t work here, clean your own mess theme
  • The official crazy Ex Girlfriend / Boyfriend theme

The only way this all makes sense to me

Here is what makes sense to me. Maybe a developer, of these Super Specific WordPress Themes, has a client who is a magician. They built a theme off of a single framework. The magician recommended the developers services to his friend who is a carpenter. He used the same theme and changed a couple of things around to make it work. The carpenter recommended the developers services to his friend who is a daredevil. Changing a few things around, he made the same theme used for the magician and carpenter work once again. The thing that all three sites had in common was a post type called Services. All three professions offer services. You don’t have to rework the core features of your theme. You just change some pictures out, make a few color changes and possibly change the boxed layout into a full-width layout. Just like that, Presto. You have one theme for three different business categories. What else makes sense? It’s just a coincidence that you can stuff a Boat Salesman, Podcast show and mortgage banker into the same theme? C’mon now. Get Real.

It’s all in the name.

Say it with me “It’s all in the name”. I think people will flock to a theme if it specifically mentions a business category. You’re telling me that you’re a Metaphysical person and you see a Metaphysical theme, and you wouldn’t buy it? Come on? I mean, that makes sense to me. These Super Specific WordPress Themes aren’t specifically built for this category or that category. They can work for anything. It’s just a marketing ploy to get more people to buy this developers theme. I mentioned earlier that all of these Super Specific WordPress Themes use the same framework and plugins to build out pages. The framework is just a full width template that’s listed on github. The plugin they use is called Visual Composer. All that these developers are doing is creating a layout, changing the colors and background images and calling it something different. Maybe they create one widget that is unique to all 40 business categories. Other than that, they are using the same template and plugin to build these Super Specific WordPress Themes. Here’s what I’m going to do. I’ll list some links to some Super Specific WordPress Themes Demo Sites. I want you to tell me if any of them can only be used for the business category that they are “Listed For”. My prediction, is that you can’t find one.

Super Specific WordPress Themes Demo Sites

Church Theme

Lawyer Theme

Gardening / Flower Shop & Landscape / Cleaning / Construction Service Theme

Jobs Theme

Auto / Real Estate Theme / Classified Ads Theme

Professional Cleaning Service Theme

SPA & Beauty Theme

University Theme

Construction & Engineering Theme

Sport Shop& Yacht / Transport / Travel Theme

Restaurant Theme

Sport Clubs Responsive Theme

Trucking – Transportation & Logistics Theme

Limousine / Transport / Car Hire Theme

Pest Control Theme

Brewery Theme

Craftsmanship Theme

Funeral Home Theme

Event & Conference Theme

Responsive Wedding Event Theme

Animal Care Theme

Music Theme

Lovestory – Dating Theme

Responsive Resume Theme

Weapon Store & Training Theme

Taxi Company & Taxi Firm WordPress Theme

Elegant Golf WordPress Theme

Real Life Escape Room Company WordPress Theme

Plumber, Builder & Construction WordPress Theme

Directory, Vendor, Shop & Coupon WordPress Theme

Talent Management WordPress Theme

iRepair – Mobile Phone Repair, Electronics, Laptop Repair

Banking, Loan Business and Finance WordPress Theme

Equestrian – Horses and Stables WordPress Theme

Uplands – Golf Course WordPress Theme

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