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When you have energy, they have energy.


I’m writing this as our Las Vegas WordPress Meet Up Group is currently going on. Twelve minutes before I arrived here, I was having the worst day possible. You name it, it happened. The power in our building went down, computer crashed, I didn’t get a lot of my tasks done and my car needs to be diagnosed in order to get fixed. Yeah, it was a bad day. The funniest thing is, I walked into the Las Vegas Innevation Center and I had a ton of energy. I did not have an energy drink beforehand. I just felt a rush of energy. I was home.

I have too much energy

I’m an insomniac. No joke. I can sleep for an hour and stay awake for the next three days. I don’t know how. I’ve seen doctors and asked for help. I’ve had prescriptions and they did not work. It’s crazy. When you have insomnia, energy comes and goes. For me, my energy comes at three in the morning. I’ll be sitting on the couch with no motivation. All the sudden, I’ll want to write a WordPress plugin or compete in a lip sync battle with my cat.

I’m a very positive person. I do have my down days. I have more down days, as of lately, than I have had happy days. The funny part is that I’ve had a ton of energy on my down days. Energy doesn’t cheer you up. It just makes you jump around in a depressed mood. You tend to yell a lot, at no particular thing in general. I’ve heard it’s like being on a specific type of drug. I’ve never done drugs, so I can’t really say.

Back to the meetup with energy

As I walked into the meetup group, I had this rush of energy come to me. I mentioned earlier that I didn’t have an energy drink. I drink Monster in case you were wondering. I actually felt home when I walked in those doors. I didn’t feel home in the sense of taking off my shoes and making myself at home. I felt home because I saw my WordPress friends. I knew that no matter what, we were going to be talking about WordPress. If you know me, you know that I can talk about WordPress all day. Shayda Torabi and Rachel Graham from WPEngine can as well.

I always do an introduction, to the new users of the group, every time we start. This makes the new attendees feel welcomed and it kind of settles down the room. It also gives me a chance to feel out the room and see who’s attending. There have been instances where the talks for the meetup were more advanced. The group was made up of all new users. So the presenters scaled back there talks. That’s valuable information to learn.

As I was doing introductions, I think the members in the group fed off my energy and our meetup has been going great. I’m very excited to see how Ben Weiser’s talk will go, and I’m nervous about presenting. It’s a dry run for a WordCamp talk coming up in a few months from now.

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