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Learn to Blog using WordPress

Mommies do it. They make bank.

Blogging = Passive Income

Websites start out as a blog and build the rest as they go. The blog is the most important piece. Readers will continue to come back on a recurring basis to keep up with the news or content you share. Share each post on your social media channels and inside your marketing campaigns. Sharing something useful with others will promote your brand by sharing your posts with their social media followers. That’s called growing your brand.

Internet users are currently searching to learn a new skill or trade. I’m talking about people who are really into the DYI (Do it Yourself) culture & lifestyle. These are users like you and I who watch a video or read a blog post and feel confident they can do the task without help. After all, that’s how I got into WordPress. I was going to meetup up groups, watching youtube and searching online. Seriously, Google Built My Website.

The best part about learning how to blog is how easy it will be to learn how to use WordPress as a content management system to build professional websites. Learn how to be a WordPress Power User.

Russell Aaron speaking to WordCamp San Diego 2017 attendees

I want to help you set up your blog. I’ll teach you the five core fundamentals of WordPress and Blogging:

  • Buying a Domain Name
  • Selecting a Managed Web Host
  • Installing WordPress & Making Daily Backups
  • Writing your first blog post and sharing it with your social media channels.
  • Setting a daily goal to write more.

Your blog posts could attract new users to your website. Your blog is where each user will find answers to questions they were just searching for online. Maybe they’re looking to start a Youtube channel. Lucky for them – you’ve already been down this path. You host your own weekly video podcast. Whatever it is, you have answers & solutions and can offer your advice. All for a one time small fee or a low recurring monthly subscription. Even getting an email address can help you generate monthly income. This is how you convert a random user on the internet into a recurring visitor and a potential client/sale. Maybe even into a friend or future business partner. I have all kinds of friend in the WordPress community I can bounce ideas off of and reach out to for help.

I’m not just preaching to you and looking to make a quick buck. You’re on my website. This is one of the ways I generate extra monthly passive income with a little effort. Here are my WordPress Qualifications.

The best part about passive income.

Keep getting paid for doing something one time. Like writing a blog post about the best ways to shave your neck beard. Seriously. It’s a thing people search for. That’s kind of the point I’m trying to drive in here. There are literally fan fiction websites where bloggers take characters from reality T.V. shows and re-write how they think the ending to last night’s episode of The Bachelor on ABC should have gone. AND MAKE MONEY DOING SO.

Traditionally, blog posts need to answer questions that people ask in real life or on the Googles. If you can do that, and share a couple pictures to help give the readers something to look at, you can build a following and start earning passive income. Wait. It gets easier.

If you watch television shows like Big Brother, Survivor, American Idol, America’s Got Talent or The Voice – you can share your thoughts about what ever is going on in real time. All in a blog post + tweet. “OMG. BRIAN DID WHAT TO SUSY? MUST READ” can be the title of your latest post. You share your post on Twitter & Reddit during the live airing coast to coast. Your followers will read the post the second it comes across their news feed. You also have a chance to get in front of new users and grow your audience. I’ll show you how easy it can be to keep your readers coming back.

The hardest thing you have to do is write down your thoughts or opinions. You can literally have a blog that makes shit up daily. It will make a lot of money doing so. If you’re not familiar with The Onion – Google it.

– Russell Aaron

Let’s talk about expectations and a price.

If you are interested in starting a website or a blog, powered by WordPress, I’ve got you covered. I’m offering a 30 minute online conversation where we can discuss almost anything about blogging. I price each online conversation to a fixed one time amount of $25 plus tax.. You can always increase the amount if you feel like I’ve gone over and beyond.

I’ve been using WordPress for a long time. I’ve been a freelancer, developer, manager, creative director, support specialist, support technician, web marketing consultant and I saved a mortgage company from going out of business. All with WordPress. Plus, I’m a full time husband and father of two kids. Whatever it is you are trying to do online, I can help out and point you in the right direction for a small one time fee.

There were many times where I wasn’t able to pay a person to help me. They simply charged too much. I used to call up the lead organizer of my local WP meetup group and ask for help. I’d also ask for his PayPal link and sent what ever I could.

That’s why I’m offering this 30 minute One-on-One session for such a low rate. I genuinely can help you. Setting up a WordPress blog is like unwrapping a snickers for me. I make a living as a WordPress developer for a Las Vegas Casino and as a Podcast personality. I’m also the only WordPress Technician II for a hosting company called Nexcess. This website / business is my side project where I get to fulfill my passion for helping people and giving back to the community. I still make a profit and I’m not competing in a price war with “the industry” or “the WP space”.

Use the buttons below to schedule a 30 or 60 minute one on one (1:1) Zoom, Google Meet Call with WordPress Support Specialist and Consultant Russell Aaron. Tell me a few dates/times you’re available. Choose how we will spend our time from the available options below. I’ll reply back to your email and go from there.

– Choose how you would like to spend our time during the call –

  1. I’ve Got Questions: I can try to answer any questions you have about making a backup, starting a blog, discuss the health/status of your current blog, ways to improve your workflow, or anything else having to do with blogging – not related to fixing broken code or websites.
– or –

2. You talk. I’ll Listen: Don’t know where to start? I’ve got you covered. I’ve helped many setup their blog without breaking the bank. There’s even a free option. I’ll take center stage and explain all of the ways you can get started with creating and building your first blog or website and making your first backups.

Let’s get started