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Something witty, something borrowed.

something witty

I love comedy. I’m always coming up with something witty. At least it is for me. I always make myself laugh. I think that’s one of the keys to life. Laugh. Laugh at something original and something witty. It’s great. I was asked why I titled my blog, Something Witty, Something Borrowed. I have never thought about that to be honest. It was one of the first things that come to my mind. I have some theories. Here they are.

The original idea of something witty, something borrowed.

You know when a bride get’s married, she needs something that is old, something new, something borrowed & something blue. I don’t know why I know that. Regardless, I do know that and it was part of the main thought process. I was writing down ideas for the title of my blog, and I had four things. Something witty, something borrowed, something random and that weird guy who blogs about something. I saw those 4 things, and it reminded me of the phrase that starts with something borrowed something new. I took the top two results and put them together. That’s where it came from. So yes, my blog does know it’s baby daddy.

Something Witty

I mentioned that I love to laugh. I listen to a lot of comedians. After a few hours, it usually fuels me to start writing my own comedy jokes. I usually tweet them and see if people like / share them. They don’t by the way. After a week goes by, I usually take one or two tweets and turn them into an original blog post with humor. So that’s my something witty.

Something Borrowed

I have some friends who write their own blogs. Odd right? I know. I like helping my friends. So I’ve started writing my shared blog section. It’s my personal thoughts about my friends and then I borrow their biography. That’s where the something borrowed came from.

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