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Couch Life Hack With Old Pillows

couch life hack

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old pillows, besides throwing them out on the curb? I want to tell you a story that has to do with a couch life hack. A life hack is a simple way to fix something in your life to make it easier or better. I’m a huge fan of, and I have been searching for a way to come up with my own life hacks. I have two of them now, and this is my first one. The couch life hack using old worn out pillows.

The Story Of Our Couch

On Memorial day of 2013, we bought a couch. A microfiber couch that has some amazing pop in the cushions, if I do say so myself. We bought the couch right off the showroom floor at Walker Furniture. We brought it home and we’ve loved it ever since. One day, within the one year warranty, I sat down on the couch and I heard a loud pop / breaking noise. It turns out that the top support that hold up the cushions broke. We called and it took two weeks to fix our couch. We had to sit on the floor for two weeks. We eventually brought down our old chairs and sat on those. I was very disappointed in Walker Furniture. Regardless, that’s not the story of the couch life hack.

It’s now been another year since we had the couch fixed and I heard that breaking sound again. I’ve tried a number of things to fix it with no end in sight. After going to “going out of business” sale at Anna’s Linens, I had a cool idea. Why not use the stuffing from my old pillow’s to place under the couch cushions. I usually sit on a pillow to give myself a boost. So I figured, why not try putting the pillow under the cushion. I simply put one of my old and flat pillows under the cushion. The cushion could not fit since the pillow took up a lot of space underneath. So here is what I did for my couch life hack.

Couch Life Hack Procedure Manual

First, you take your old pillow(s) and you cut into them. You need to remove the casing that the stuffing is held in. One you do that, you can remove the stuffing. Proceed by ripping the stuffing down the middle like a hot dog bun. Isn’t it funny we still describe separating things down the middle like a hot dog or a hamburger? Anyways. It’s important that you do not separate the two half. Leave them connected on one side. Flatten the stuffing a little until you have something even. Trust me, it helps. This way you can hack one or two cushions.

Once you have the stuffing flat, you can place the stuffing under the cushion(s). This will give your cushions a bit of a rise, yet still allowing you to put the cushion back in the original place. Sit on the cushion and you should notice a huge difference.

I know what you are thinking. Why not put the pillow stuffing in with the cushion stuffing? Well, my fellow readers, the stuffing has to be replaced soon anyways. So it’s easier to keep it under the cushion for the next time you have to replace it. However, you can use the old pillow stuffing to add to your existing pillows on top of the couch. That’s what we did. Kind of a pillow top couch life hack.

Hopefully this is helpful to you and you can invent your own couch life hack. Which leads me to ask, What’s your favorite life hack?

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