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Remember when life was all about the mall?


There use to be a time in my life when the mall was the coolest thing you could do. You would go there on the weekend of course. You meet up with your friends and try to find the single coolest thing for less than twenty bucks. That way you had something cool and you could afford lunch. The mall era was something that has since gone away. This makes me sad. So I wanted to blog about it.

Going to the mall

I used to have my parents drop me off at the mall around 10:30. I was not an early riser, but 10:30 always seemed reasonable. I would meet my friends there and we would hit on chicks. Yes, I was kind of a DB when I was younger. Lot’s of guys did it. We we’re all DB’s. Now we’re in charge of hiring and firing. So go ahead and judge us. See how that job interview goes. I’m kidding of course.

Going to the mall was one of the happiest times for me. My bedroom is always messy. I’d like to tell you that it’s mostly due to all of the wild and crazy sex I’m having. That’s not the case. It’s mostly because I take my clothes off and toss them on the floor. So by going to the mall as a young teen, I would get to see stores with nicely stacked shelves that would contain perfectly folded t-shirts and jeans. I always admired that about stores. How they would organize each section of the store each day. Putting things back in place and getting ready for the next day.

I Never Worked At The Mall

I wrote this post a while back about what could have been different in my life. I always wonder if I would have picked to do this, instead of that, how my life would have been different. My first job was working at a Go-Kart track. We had three tracks and they were all equally awesome. I always wonder what my life could have been had my first job been at the mall. Maybe I would have learned valuable social things. Like learning how to make friends with out of town people or how to fold clothes the right way. Let’s be honest. I probably would of worked at Hot Dog On A Stick or See’s Candy. I don’t think I am capable of working at a clothing store. You know, since I mentioned my room is alway messy.

I had a lot of school friends that work at the mall. They were all part of the cool crowd. In case you are wondering, I do not think that I would have joined the cool crowd had I worked in the mall. Justine always worked at one of the cool stores. Hot Cats is one of the stores I remember her working at the most. AJ worked at Hot Topic and Journeys. I think it’s the guy that came up with the word hipster, seeing as he is the oldest hipster I know. Growing up in Reno, NV we only had one mall. Meadow Wood Mall. We had Parklane Mall. No one ever went there, though. Meadow Wood was the place to be.

I do think, however, that I did get a very mall like education from my first job. Working at the popular go-kart track in Reno, NV had it’s moments. I always met out of town people that were staying at the hotel where the tracks were located at. Just like I would have met these kinds of people by working at the mall. Some of the popular kids worked with me at the go-karts. Just like they did at the mall. I got to socialize with them and ended up joining a few or the cool crowd circles. Not the top 5 or anything, but a few. Anyways, that’s my story about the mall. I was in Galleria Mall today in Henderson, NV. I bought an Orange Julius. I haven’t had one since I still lived in Reno. That’s what inspired me to write this random post about the mall.

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  1. I totally remember hanging out at the mall, hoping to get hit on, but there were never that many dudes in Claire’s. Meanwhile, buy two get one free hair accessories, hell yeah! It was a monumental day when Richmond got a two-story mall with “fancy” stores like Godiva Chocolate and Build-a-Bear, and the food court had a Cajun place, so it was totally swanky…and now I live in Vegas and you can get decent sushi, Indian food, and tacos in the mall food court, so it all seems less exciting.

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