Becoming the best role model part two.

Russell Aaron being the best role model he can be

In a previous post about becoming a better role model, I mention the ways that I’ve taken to become the best role model I can be for the Vegas WordPress Meetup Group. Trying to better yourself is the first thing I encourage everyone to do. Worse thing to happen? You become better at something new. Where’s the harm in that? I don’t see one.

Stepping up my game in more ways

Since my previous post, I’ve been super busy in the WordPress community. I’ve built two amazing WordPress Plugins to solve personal problems that I was having. I have applied to speak at numerous WordCamp event’s and I’m entered into the WordCamp Orange County Plugin-a-Palooza contest.

These were huge strides I was taking. I’ve built plugins for my personal use. Now I’m updating plugins that could potentially be used by 100+ people. I’ve never made that kind of commitment to software before. Hoping that says a lot about the growth I’m going through.

The best role model I can be

In my previous post, I mentioned that I need to step up my game and learn as much as I can. When someone in our Meetup Group asks a question, it’s being directed to me. Even if it’s specifically directed towards another person, I need to be listening. I’ve been reading more WordPress Articles than I currently read. It’s helped somewhat. How does one up their own game?

You take a job with a major player in the WordPress Community.


That’s right, I started a new job with WebDevStudios. How’s that for being the best role model I can be? I am a WordPress Support Technician. Basically, I answer questions all day. It’s something that I do all day. SO why not get paid for it, right? I’m pretty sure Bridget Willard would agree with me. If you’re passionate about something, you go for it.

Where do I go from here?

Running WordCamp Las Vegas 2015 & 2016, organizing a WordPress Meetup, developing WordPress Plugins, being on a hit WordPress podcast, writing a blog series for a major WordPress plugin shop and speaking at other WordCamp events left me with one more thing to accomplish. Work for a 100% WordPress focused company. I honestly think that I’ve reached the highest level of being the best role model I can be. Do you know where I can go up from here?

Maybe I can organize WordCamp U.S. 2017. Other than that, where do I go. I’m open to suggestions.

Read more about my new job at

1 thought on “Becoming the best role model part two.”

  1. First of all: wow.

    Secondly, you are a role model and not just because of what you know or how much you know but how well you treat beginners like me.

    Being a role model means you are a mentor. It means you inspire others. It means you don’t pawn people off to Google. Being a role model means you invest in the community.

    From my eyes: you’ve done this.

    Thanks for being a role model to me.

    And congrats on the new job. Support is the perfect job for a role model.

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