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Blogging seasons can be a real thing.

blogging season

I was just wondering why blogging isn’t broken up into seasons. Let’s not be dumb here. The point of having a blog is to make money. If you take 5 months off, you make zero dollars. Maybe you have a tool in place to auto-share content. I get that. However, What I’m saying is this. At some point, you need to take a break and step away. That’s what writers and film crews do. There is such thing as sitcom, silly, baseball and fruit & vegetable season. So why no Blogging Season? Would you really enjoy The Big Bang Theory putting out sub-par episodes in order to keep minimum cash flow rolling in? No. There is a reason to having a season. After reading some really awful blogs, maybe there should be a blogging season.

It’s not fair to compare

You can’t compare a blog and a television show. One makes a ton of cash, and the other writes for a living in order to pay bills. A blog and a television show could do both of those things now that I think about it. Regardless, it’s not fair to compare the two. They both have different goals / agendas. After writing that last sentence, I don’t think they do. They’re both entertainment. They could write about something irrelevant and toss some relevant topics into their pieces for SEO value. Comments are always nice no matter what medium they’re on. Both have an editor type of person to help make decisions. Both require a final run through before going to print. Maybe that means there could be a blogging season after all. Maybe it’s ok to compare the two.

Bloggers have to stay ahead of the curve. If you’re posting an article about the 4th of July on July 3rd, you’re already too late. Some of my blogging friends tell me they are six to eight months ahead. That means my blogging friends are already posting about Christmas 2016 and New Years 2017. So there is kind of a blogging season already. Summertime is the season to post about Christmas. Christmas is the season to post about summer. Wow. I never thought if it like that.

What would blogging season look like?

Have you ever visited a christmas blog? I’m talking about a website dedicated to Christmas. I would imagine this specific niche blog would only post articles three months before the season, and three months after the season. That’s roughly six to eight months out of the year to post about nothing but Christmas. That’s what I would call a blogging season. The other four to six months could be used for a summertime blog or a beach blog. See? Seasons. It kind of sounds fun, right?


Who couldn’t have a blogging season?

My buddy Scott has a blog called Vital Vegas. He has a very specific niche blog. His blog is about Las Vegas. From Breaking Las Vegas News to thing’s you wouldn’t think about in terms of Las Vegas. He covers it all. The way blogs are set up, he couldn’t fall into a blogging season. Vegas has seasons. Not traditional seasons, though. There’s tourist season, convention season and construction season. Meaning that there are optimal times when each of the before mentioned seasons hit their peak. If you live in Las Vegas, you know that it feels like we never get a break from tourists or construction. Seasons my ass.

Sports have seasons. When it’s off-season for Hockey, there’s not a lot to blog about. Other than trades and free agents. So maybe there are actual blogging seasons? They revolve around subjects that actually have a defined season. I blog about WordPress. It feels like it’s always WordPress Season. So maybe it depends on the actual subject matter at hand? What do you think? What does Blogging Season mean to you?

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