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Facebook recommendations are pointless.

Facebook Recommendations

A real Facebook recommendation is above. One thing really bothering me is when people ask for recommendations on Facebook. It’s not the actual recommendation that upsets me. It’s the very specific details that only one or two people would know. Why not just ask if anyone can answer some pool cleaning questions? Your friends with them, right? The easiest solution here is to use Google. Google search was literally designed to find all the information you could ever ask for. If they can’t, it wont be long until they can. Google works 24/7 to help you find the answers you need. Google is literally the Las Vegas of the internet!

What I’m getting at here is that Facebook is not the place to ask super specific questions.

I know a lot about WordPress. If people ask me for a recommendation I will give it to them. But if somebody asks me for a very specific recommendation, I’m going to Simply reply “I don’t know.” That’s because I don’t know the in’s and outs of every plugin. The more specific you are, the better your chances are of finding the right person for the job. It’s better than finding just any person. Right?

My Homie Mike

My Homie Mike was asking for recommendations on a pool cleaning service that offers services on Thursdays and Fridays. That was the specific request made. Had he left off Thursday and Friday’s, the recommendation becomes valid and I probably could have helped. Except, you’re asking your friends for their opinion on a pool cleaning service. Am we supposed to know this kind of information about the services we use? Is that why we’re not #adulting everyday? Guess who does know about the hours and services of a specific company you want to hire?

Google. Nope. Just say it with me. Google.

Not only will you find the best information according to millions of people on the internet, but you’ll find very similar Services just like it. You know just in case you have follow-up questions like “Do they clean my pool using a brush or a wand”?

And let’s be clear. I’m not mad about the one specific detail on a Facebook recommendation. I’m mad because I know that one specific detail is going to lead to many follow-up questions about even more specific details. Here are a few examples of some follow-up questions.

Do I have to supply the pool cleaning service, that does services on Thursday and Friday, with a pump or a vacuum hose?

Does the service clean the filters all the way around the pool?

Does the service installed baby gates or some kind of safety net around the pool to prevent people from going in?

I think you get my point here. If you’re looking for a simple recommendation, why have a specific parameter on it? If you’re going to have a specific parameter, why not list all of them at once and get a narrowed search result page?

It seems like the person (my homie Mike) is lazy and doesn’t want to take the time to do his own research. That’s what I’m really upset about. Why can’t you do your own research? Isn’t that what Google was invented for? Being able to ask somebody anytime of the day no matter what the question is?

I know, I’ll ask for a recommendation on Facebook. #brb

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