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Taking your children into the world with a checklist

The first day we started checklists for baby

Jill has always been the first to do something with Jameson. From doctors appointments to grocery store errands and everything in between. She’s always been the first because she has that mother intuition. I trust she will know what to do with Jameson when she enters uncharted waters. When it comes to our baby she is the coach and I am the quarterback. Together we have created checklists to help us get ready and out the door. Checklists sound boring at first. After 6 months, you’ll start to love them.

The first step to having a child is getting it home, fed, changed, and entertained. The second step to having a child is taking it out into the world. At some point, you’re going to have to go run errands with your partner. Sometimes it just makes sense to go to the same places together. You also learn a lot about your partner. More on that later. Taking your baby out into the world is fun and you’re going to like it.

Jill and Jameson at Smash Burger

Yes, there are alternatives to bringing your child out with you in public. But that can get costly if you hire a babysitter every time you run to Target. My Mom will watch Jameson anytime – anywhere – anyplace. Even then Grandma has a few restraints on what is an appropriate reason to need a sitter. After all, someone has to open Grandma’s third bottle of vodka. Martini’s don’t make themselves.

Checklists will help guide you

You’ll need to create a few checklists before you take the baby out into the world. That’s right. You need a checklist for your checklist.

First comes everything you need inside of the baby bag. We’re talking about bottles with formula and the water to go with it. You need to make sure you have diapers and wipes. And you need to make sure that both, you and the baby, have a change of clothes. In fact, always bring extra clothes for the whole family. Even when not present. You need an extra binky. Always bring an extra binky. Go add one to your bag right now.

Next, it’s time to check the baby seat/carrier. Are the seatbelts pulled out and ready for the baby to be inserted into the carrier? Did you do a check on the carry to make sure there’s no cracks, rips or tears? Would you sit in this seat if you were a baby? Be honest. Do you have a blanket and a Burpee cloth? Yes, these should be interchangeable.

Let’s talk baby. Have you checked the diaper in the last 20 minutes? Feel around. Is the baby wet in any way? Do you have a binky and a toy so the baby can play in the car? That is assuming the baby will stay awake. Our son goes right to sleep when we put him in the car

Last but not least let’s check the car. Have you checked the carrier base? Is it secure? Are there any cracks? Did you hear the two clicks when you placed the baby carrier in? Did you try to pull the carrier out of the base? Check!

These are just the steps you need to take in order to get the baby ready to go out into the world. We haven’t pulled out of the garage yet.

Taking baby out into the world.

You have probably done the following steps many times over if you have taken the baby to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house or to the doctor’s office. This is not uncharted water for you. It’s not until you actually Park in the parking lot of an establishment, you have never visited, with a baby. That’s when the waters become rough.

If you take the baby to Walmart or Target, the first thing you need to always do is keep your head on a swivel. You never know when an abandoned shopping cart is going to be pushed by a gust of wind. That gust of wind might be headed straight for your car door. Make it a quick thing to get out of the car. Spending to much time in the parking lot will only kill your mood.

You want to be aware of your space around you. If there’s an available parking space on either side of your car and you’re close enough to the establishment, you have to assume people are going to want to park there. No one parks farther from the front doors. Another reason to make getting out if the car a fast thing. Be safe, but you know. Get your ass in gear.

If you know ahead of time that you’re going to put the baby in the stroller, you know that it doesn’t matter who parks on the side of you because you’re going to pop that trunk. You only need to be cautious about opening the car door and having the baby exposed while still inside.

Your partner is Dope AF

That’s why you’re with them? Right? Part of taking the baby out into the world is going with your partner. It’s fun. When I first went to a store with Jill I was impressed. People know me when I go into my favorite stores. I’m pretty easy to remember. Add that to my list of reasons I can never commit a crime. We walk into this store and the manager says hi to Jill. Preps a changing room for her and Jill was on her way. I learned a lot about her. It made taking the baby out into the world so much better. I def recommend it.

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