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Listen To: Cage – Shoot Frank

Russell Envy with CageWM
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I feel good. I feel as good as real feels if real even feels good. Those are some of my favorite lyrics right there. The first time I heard music from Cage, it was on Myspace. His new song was I never knew. After listening to the rest of his music, I bought three CDs. Hells Winter, I Never Knew You & Depart From Me. That was 2009. Since then I’ve listened to my cage playlist at least once a month. I’m pretty sure cage was my default Myspace Profile song for a long time. Yeah, that’s how you get the ladies.

Shoot Frank

Shoot Frank was the first song I had stuck in my head for weeks. When I bought the Hells winter album, there were two discs inside. One of the record and one of the instrumentals. I learned the words and…. we’ll leave it at that. I’m not a talented rapper by any means. I’m probably the teenybopper in the mirror singing N-Sync songs to my imaginary boyfriend that Susie says will never be likely.

I spent many years trying to see a cage concert. One day I saw an advertisement on Facebook describing a Cage show in Vegas. He was on Tour with Sadistik. There was a post on his fan page asking if anyone in Vegas wanted to hear anything specific. I asked for Shoot Frank and You Were The Shit In High school. Yes, I got to hear them live in concert. That totally made my day.

Fun fact about that concert, I left my phone at home. I didn’t bring it because that’s not what you did at concerts. You didn’t hold up phones and flash the stage to make it brighter. You paid your money, enjoyed the show and pay your respect to the audience because the performance always killed.

Anyways, check out Cage. I think you would really enjoy the music. Hit him up on Twitter. Or go hit up his website.

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