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What is on my desk in 2017

Guess whos back? Tell a friend. That’s right. I’m back with the 2017 edition of What’s on my desk. If you liked my last post about my office desk, you’re going to love this one. I’ve stepped my game up a bit and decided to get back to my developer roots. I no longer have an office desk because I don’t have an office job anymore. I gave up the corporate world for the Remote Worker life. I’ve got to admit I love every minute of it. Enough talking. Let’s see some pictures of my messy desk.

Another Ikea desk, with a twist

old office desk meets new office desk
Both Ikea Desks. One was a set and the other is custom parts.
The last desk I had at my house was from Ikea in Los Angeles, CA. I bought it on craigslist for $80. It was originally $200. It was a rounded L Shape desk and after a while, I took it apart and stitched it back together to make a kind of L desk. I used it for over 3 years. It had seen its last days.

One time I almost lit my desk on fire. That was back in my days of Smoking Hookah.

My new desk is also from Ikea, Las Vegas. That’s right. we finally got an Ikea to ourselves. Jill and I were walking around looking for new things to fill our brand new apartment with. We shopped all day, including going to the cafeteria. Our cart was loaded and that’s when I saw the top to my new desk. It’s a dark blue/green with a light wood trim. It’s super cute and it was only $70 before tax. Here’s a link to the Linnmon / Oddvald Desktop. Shit. That was easy. New desk is 75% of the way done. All I need now, are some legs to stand this bad boy up.

In Ikea, I asked someone in the large pickup area for the location of adjustable legs. I was hoping for the ones where you can set a preset height. Turns out you can only get those with the adjustable desk. BOO. However, I did find some adjustable desk legs for $15 each before tax. I bought four and I was on my way out the door.

My desk total was $130 before tax. Not a bad upgrade.

Actual Picture Time

I’ve got a few things on my desk these days. The desktop is a smaller than my Janky L desk. So I had to part with my Diecast Racecars, power banks and devices I said “I’d get around too”. In the picture above, you can see my new desk and the following items.

Boom. There you have it. That’s everything on my desk. I know you see my phone sitting on a wireless charger. I got rid of that after I took this picture. So it’s no long available to mention.

Overall, I’m 2005 happy with my new desk. Here’s some more pictures. Have a good one.

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