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Farting around Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

I have a deep love for the radio. Every morning I listen to my favorite Morning Show. It’s called BS in the morning. It’s on Las Vegas’s own Komp Rock 92.3. I’m a first-time caller long time listener. I’ve attended many of the social functions hosted by the rock station. That’s when I was able to meet the hosts. I have been able to do many fun things since meeting Sparksradio. This is one of them.

Sparks Radio
My new favorite podcast is

I won a radio contest by becoming the 21st caller. My name was added to the list. Then I was invited to participate in the Dolly Fartin’ contest. The winner received 2 tickets to the Nascar Xfinity Series race, two tickets to the Monster Energy Cup race, and two Neon garage passes. Out of all the contest available, throughout the year, this one is my favorite. You know I’m a huge Nascar fan and everything about racing. Any chance I have to spend time out at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, I will take no questions asked.

It started early

All of the contestants met up at 5:30 in the morning. We met outside of SunBuggy rentals located across the street from Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Teams were formed and we caravanned in to the racing facility located on Las Vegas Boulevard. Las Vegas Boulevard is known as “The Strip.” We made our way through the tunnels and parked. That’s when we made our way to Pit Road. There were a couple minutes to take in the awesome morning views. Watching the sunrise over the backstretch is any race fans dream. Watching the morning sun glisten over the grandstands and reflect off of the glass windows is the coolest visual. I took a couple of pictures and a few videos before the festivities got underway.

Russell Envy LVMS
Russell Aaron at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The radio show starts at 6 in the morning. When we got to the station’s booth on Pit Road, everything was already set up. Sparks jumped on the mic and did his quick intros. After the morning show recorded a few sound bites the slalom course was set up. Every year the morning show does something fun on Pit Road for a contest. One year they had Red Light Green Light contest. It’s over on YouTube you should check it out.

This year, one member of each team laid down on a mechanic’s dolly. Using your feet, you were to maneuver the dolly between the cones on the slalom course. The rules where explain beforehand and made perfectly clear. One of the teams began to cheat. They were trying to determine who would be the best team member to ride the dolly. But it turns out they were practicing ahead of time. All but one team member was automatically disqualified.

Farting on Air

Here’s the kicker to the whole contest. One member from each team rode the mechanic’s dolly and finished the course to turn in the fastest time possible. For the remaining time of the broadcast, each team member was encouraged to record every fart possible. Yes, you heard me right. Recording our farts for sound bites. At the end of the broadcast all of the farts where cut into a montage sequence. Each sequence had an official time length. The total length of each fart would subtract time from the dolly mechanics challenge.

If a team did the mechanics challenge in 40 seconds, and had 10 seconds worth of farts, their overall time would be 30 seconds. I have to hand it to the radio station for allowing such a crazy ideas to take place. Komp Rock 92.3 is the best radio station in Las Vegas. The radio station provided us with Fiber One bars and microwave burritos. Anything that helps farts. Who does that?

And then the best thing happened

The highlight of the event happened off air. One of the on-air personalities decided to try his luck in the mechanic’s dolly challenge. His name is Steven the cleaning guy. He is known for injuring himself and making hilarious noises while being in pain. This morning was no exception. At the end of his challenge Steven. Unfortunately everybody had their cell phone out to record the hilarious occasion. Remember we were recording our own farts. So we all had our cameras ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Head over to The BS in the Morning Instagram page to see the entire footage. A few moments after Steven received his leg cramps, a few of us tried to help him up. He refused our help. Instead, Stevens rolled his way across Pit Road. It brought a joyous smile to everyone’s face.

After all the activities were done, the final broadcast was recorded. A winner was determined. The team I was on lost only by a few seconds. The same team that was disqualified from the mechanics challenge was also disqualified from the fart challenge. Their team members used fart sounds from the internet to compile they’re audio. Complete cheaters will not be tolerated for upcoming events.

I had an amazing time at this event. I would like to thank komp Rock, Sparks radio, Brittany Cason, Graig, StevenTCG, and Bs in the morning. Thank you for the free tickets to the inaugural South Point 400. Thank you for the neon garage passes as well.

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