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Convenience is the key

Convenience station in the middle of the road

How often do you visit the same store twice in one day? I bet you it’s more often than visiting two different locations of the same store on the same day. Jill and I spend a lot of time talking. Like most couples, we ran out of topics to talk about after the first 13 minutes of our first date. That means Jill and I are always looking for new subject topics to talk about. This is one of those topics. It’s really a convenience.

I think about a lot of things in my life. The biggest thing always on my mind revolves around the people I’ve met. A long time ago I decided to start paying attention to the people who come into my life. These are people who I elected to meet or they elected to meet me. When you think about it one-party always decides to meet the other. There’s a reason they came into my life and if you pay attention you can figure out why. You might be in the same room as someone, who you don’t meet at the time, but you’ll meet later in life. It’s crazy to think about.

The part that sucks is sometimes you won’t figure out why that person was in your life until many years later.

Convenience topics

Jill and I always search for topics to talk about. That way when we have mommy and daddy time together, we’re not just staring at our phones. This is also a fun game for couples that are trying to find that spark again. Or for couples who are like us and always want something to talk about. You get extra credit if you talk about these subjects in the bathtub with wine and candles.

Here in Las Vegas, there is a local business that Jill and I are huge fans of. There’s one location close to us and the other location is in Henderson. The Henderson location has more items to choose from. The other location is close to us. Sometimes when we want a specific item we have to drive to the Henderson location. You would think both stores would sell the same items. Or one location can deliver to the other that way I don’t have to drive clear across town.

Real life scenario

Last week we made a purchase and I went to pick it up at the store farthest from our house. That was the only location with the item I wanted. When I got there, the customer service rep explained that I had ordered an item from both locations. Whoops. If I wanted my other item I would have to drive from Henderson to their other location and pick it up. I was a little bummed but after reviewing my steps and looking at my receipt, they were a hundred percent right. I had ordered from both locations.

The good news is I didn’t have to drive in the reverse order. It would have been a bitch to pick up the item from my side of town and then drive all the way to Henderson. Definitely grateful for that.

I get to my side of town. Walked into the location closest to our house. Headed in the door and the receptionist at this location asked me how my day was going. Happily shouted and informed her that my day was awesome. Yes, I visited both of their locations. She asked me how often I visit both locations. I told her it was my first time. After I picked up my second item, I was headed home. Which got me thinking. How many times have you gone to a specific Target Branch for an item and forgot to pick up your other items on your shopping list? So you have to stop at the ghetto location by your house. I’ve done that at least 6 times in my life.

Thats just talking about Target, by the way. I’m not including other restaurants or businesses like Buffalo Wild Wings, the Gap, Baby Gap, and other fine establishments. I’m still working on the total number of businesses I have visited twice in one day at multiple locations.

The funny thing is when you ask other people who work at a job like I.T. or human resources, their answer would blow you away. My good buddy Jason Tucker does all of the computer work for his church. I bet you there are a number of times he has driven to three or four different Best Buy locations in order to pick up a specific part for a computer.

The fun thing for me to think about right now is what business I would not visit two locations on the same day. Really, I would definitely say that Chili’s restaurant is one business I would not visit twice in one day. I would not eat Chili’s for lunch and dinner or any other combination. I’m also going to include TGIF Fridays. I have no reason to visit that establishment in the first place, let alone twice in one day at two different locations.

I’m going to be posting a lot of blog posts like this. Simple things that make me laugh but don’t take 25 hours to read. That really pisses me off when you go to read a Washington Post article and you’ve been reading it for 6 days. I’ll talk more about that later as well. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post. If you did Share this article cross Twitter. It’s the easiest thing you could do to help me out.

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