My friends are assholes… and I love them.

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When I am not doing WordPress related stuff, I spend time with my Girlfriend and my friends. Three times a month I attend/speak at local meetup groups. Through WordPress and meetups, I’ve met some of my best friends. We have a lot in common. The real way you find out what you have in common comes from hanging out. In hanging out with my friends, we have a few stories we share all of the time. This is one of them.

When you drink around your friends

My friends and I go to beer festivals. We Drink. I drink anything. Ben drinks most things. Alex drinks hardly anything. We share WordPress and beer together. You can imagine there has been a few times where we’ve gotten a little too drunk. That’s not the case. I’ve only been the one to get so drunk. While I was hammered drunk, my friends messed with me.

My friends messed with me in the funniest way. Even better, there’s video documentation. I hope you enjoy!

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

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