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RT: How many bets did the first archaeologist lose?

first archaeologist

Last night I watched the movie, Snowden starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I was thinking about who they might have cast had Levitt passed. I started thinking about Leo, Tom Skerritt and Chris Pratt. Chris Pratt would not be a good Snowden. He is a pretty big name in Hollywood. He probably would have been considered. The I started thinking about Jurrasic World and the first archaeologist.

The first archaeologist

Imagine you’re the first archaeologist. You’re interested in finding dinosaur bones. Any kind of bones really. Do you think this person made a bet with their friends? The first archaeologist said to their friends “I’m going on a month long journey to discover dinosaur bones”. The friends laughed in the individual’s face and replied with “I’ll bet you one hundred dollars you come back with nothing”.

This went on for a long while. Each time the first archaeologist set out on a journey, another bet was formed. I’m guessing the total number of bets grew north of three hundred bets. It would make sense. It takes a long time to dig a hole, move all the dirt and find a bone. Even then, the bone would have to be massive in order to be considered a dinosaur bone.

In school, we’re taught that dinosaurs were large creatures roaming the earth. The first archaeologist was probably expecting these bones to be somewhere near the top of the surface. We would later discover dinosaur bones are way, way down below the surface.

It’s funny how my mind works. I started off thinking about a movie regarding national secrets & security. I jumped to who would play a good part of the main role. I ended up thinking about the first archaeologist. Hope you had a good laugh!


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