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Listen To: Lesley Gore – It’s My Party

In honor of my 31st Birthday, I’m suggesting we all listen to one of my favorite musicians from the best era in music. The 50’s & 60’s. If you don’t know Lesley Gore, you’ve probably sung one of her songs. I feel into this category a while back. I had no idea who wrote the song, I just sang it when I had the chance. Then a little show came along called American Dreams. One of Lesley’s songs was featured in the pilot episode and in a few ad placements. The song is called “You Don’t Own Me”. After hearing this song, I asked my mother if she was familiar with it. That is when my Mom started dropping some real science on me.

My mother is a music person. Her brothers were big into music. She knew all the bands and most of the words to every song I threw at her. Once she explained to me who Lesley Gore is/was, I sought out ever song she sang. My music collection got a little larger that day to say the least. This was before iPods for what it’s worth. This is why I’m featuring It’s My Party in my listen to series. Enjoy, have fun!

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