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Why I started shaving outside

Shaving outside saving money and time

Shaving is tough. It’s something all men face at one point in their life. As you mature, you start to notice your body changing. Traditionally, all fathers teach their sons to shave. Likewise for mothers and daughters. It’s an awkward conversation, but it needs to happen. One thing my father taught me included leaning over the sink correctly to limit the clean up time. For the last 13 years, I was shaving over the sink. One day, I hacked my life completely. I started by shaving outside.

Hacking my life

I have changed the way I do life. I changed jobs, moved from a house to an apartment and met someone new. All of this took a bit of time. Usually, the word hack is associated with quick or swift. This was a life hack with a slow burn. I’m committed to this hack. I’m in it for the long haul. I’ve hacked many of the things in my life. I’ll be blogging more about my life hacks soon.

I’m focusing on this specific life hack because it could save millions of men time and money.

As men, if we need something we’ll buy it. I’m here to say “Men, we’re wasting time and money”.

Shaving outside

I started shaving outside two years ago. One day I bought an actual shaving device. Not just a razor and cream. I purchased an actual shaver/trimmer. Mostly due to the price of razor blades continuing to climb. Instead of $30 every month, I bought a trimmer for $54. Right there, I started to save money. Guys pay attention.

I started shaving outside in order to limit the amount of shaving I had to do with an actual razor and cream. The actual problem with shaving is not the device. It’s the mess made after you’re complete. I realized the problem with shaving for me and decided to do something about it.

I bought a shaver/trimmer and I started shaving outside. I literally charged the device and walked outside with it. I turned it on and I shaved my beard. It was a mess. Hair went everywhere and it was glorious. I did not care how much of a mess I was making. I am outside. I am not currently shaving in my bathroom.

All of the sudden, a small breeze came through my yard. The mess of hair was gone. The wind blew it away. Now I had a free maid service.

Russell Aaron Shaving Outside

This is exactly why I started shaving outside. I no longer have to remember to shave every day in order to keep the length of my beard down in order to make a smaller mess. I can shave any time at any length. It falls on the ground outside and we’re all good.

Start shaving outside today. You’re going to appreciate it.

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