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WorDpress Wasy PLugins and Italian Ideas


This article is about how I spell words wrong / how I clearly do not know how to type. For the sake of disclosure, I wrote this sentence that you are reading right now, and now, and now after I wrote the paragraphs below. I wanted to just write and show you proof that I’m aware that I have some things to work on personally. The key words in this article are WordPress, Plugins and Ways. So when you see the words spelled incorrectly / with more than one capital letter, you know it’s because I truly can’t do this right. Have a good read.

WOrdpress. WOrdPress. WordPress. PLugins. PLugins. Plugins. Wasy. Wasy. Ways. There, I can finally say I did it once. Hello, my name is Russell and I have a spelling / typing problem. Everybody “Hi Russ”! I’ve noticed over the last few years that I do the same things over and over again. It’s never when I’m doing something none important either. It’s usually when I’m writing documentation for a WordPress PLugin, see I just did it there, or when I’m trying to describe the many different wasy on how to do something in WordPress. I’ve noticed that I try to spell some specific words and all I come up with is a lot of nothing. You know the red lines that show when you spell a word wrong? I’m pretty sure that I use most of the worlds supply on a daily basis. Yeah, I’m that guy. Welcome to my life.

WorDPress. I’ll get it some day.

The word I have the most problem with is WordPress. Look, I got it. I’ve been writing my presentation for WordCamp San Diego 2015, and I noticed that I have a huge problem spelling the word WordPress. I’m also the guy that doesn’t capitalize the P in WordPress. I noticed that my presentation has the use of the word 87 times. It’s not that I typed it up or anything. It’s more that I used it in the slide notes. That way I have a reference when I’m talking. Every WordPress is spelled wrong and different, every time all the time.

I’m not exactly sure when this started. I know that I’ve been using WordPress for just about as long as it’s been out. So It’s possible it’s been since then. Either way, it’s not a good thing for me. On the brighter side of things, maybe I got some sick SEO juice off spelling the word wrong in articles like this. No joke, I bought a domain name once and it was spelled wrong. No wonder the domain name was available. Turns out, I’m not smarter than a 5th grader.

WordPress PLugins. Not sure where this came from.

I’ve always used double capitals inside of words. Not because I think it’s fun or cool or the next fashion trend. I’m convinced that it happens due to a sick and perverted little person inside my brain. This little person is in there and says “Hey, I see the word PLugin is coming up in this sentence”. Just to fuck with me he says “I’ll use a Capital P and a Capital L in PLugin”. It’s not like it’s once a day either. It’s all the time. I’m pretty sure that when I say the word in a conversation, I’m using it with a Capital P and L. Great, I just realized that I have a speech problem now too. Another thing to pile on.

I was talking to my girlfriend today on the way into work. Yes we work together. And she says that she does this all the time as well. So maybe it’s not just a thing inside of me. Maybe we all have little demon people inside of us that want to mess with us when they feel like it. Like having a best friend that tells you the same joke every time you guys hang out. No matter what you have planned out in your head, you know that at some point it’s going to come up.

Learning WordPress’s Wasy. This one just makes me laugh.

Unlike the other words mentioned above, Ways is one of those words that I laugh at when I misspell it. Mostly because it sounds funny. Like Ways-E. Then I think of Weezy. Like Pasta Weezy. I laugh even harder because my parents have a beagle named Weezy and I think of her. I do not use this word a lot. Just thinking about as I previewed this blog post to make sure things are going well. I really do not use the word ways often. So I’m starting to think that if I were to break these three words into groups and calculate the percentage of how often I misspell words, Ways would be 90%, possibly more. SO yeah. There’s that.

Italian Ideas For WordPress PLugin Names.

As I was thinking about this article, on the way to work, I was saying the word Wasy. Then I said Weezy. Then I said Pasta Weezy. Then I said Plugin. Then I said PLugin Weezy. What if we started naming plugins after Italian foods? Like PLugins Carbonara or Pesto PLugin. I think it would be hilarious. Imagine, if you would, that all of your plugins are named after Italian foods. Now imagine that these plugins are as big as Easy Digital Downloads and Yoast SEO. It would be hilarious to hear the names being dropped as often as EDD and YOAST. “Just install PLUGIN WEEZY” they would reply to a question about what is the best plugin to do something specific. I just thought it would be awesome to name plugins after Italian dishes.

Which leads me to my final conclusion.

Now that we’ve discussed all of the ways I don’t know how to spell, think and talk we can get to the exciting part of this article. I’ve come up with an awesome name for a PLugin Company name. PLugin Wasy! Thank you for reading and stay golden pony boy! Did I mentioned that I learned that I get to speak at WordCamp Minneapolis 2015

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