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Decisions. A New Chapter in life.

Mazda 6 Front Bumper picture

I recently bought a 2003 Mazda 6. Why, Because it kicks ass and I need a new car. I’ve been rocking the same 1994 Acura Integra GSR for over 10 years now. It’s been an amazing car. It’s just time to move on. Parts are breaking and more specific parts are costing more. I just don’t see a reason to dump in another 1 or 2 thousand dollars into it. It’s 12 years old and has over 200K+ miles. Getting a new car, newer car for me, is something that I’ve been trying to do for a while now. I’ve had a few opportunities. I could of had a 2012 Focus. I could of had a 2008 Chevy Tahoe.

Those would of been awesome as well. It’s just that the process of obtaining those vehicles turned out to be another job on the side. Asking the owner to make some decisions, getting them to find out the answers to specific questions like “How many months is the warranty good for” ended up snowballing into larger questions like “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? WHO DOES THAT” etc. It’s in this process alone that I made the decision to find a new car, outside of friends and sources.

The Best Decisions I’ve Made In A While

Short of meeting my girlfriend and my Mitchell puppy, Purchasing this 2003 Mazda 6, has been one of the greatest decisions I’ve made in a long while. Why? I’m usually that type of person that sticks things out to the very end. I’ve done it in Relationships, sports and past vehicles. I’m not one to get attached to things that do not communicate back to me. At the same time, I’m a fan of not fixing what isn’t broken. If my Acura did not have a leaking head gasket, I would of never purchased the Mazda 6. But a Leaky Head Gasket is something that is not to be messed with. You either get it fixed or stop driving it.

I’m very loyal. I like to stick things out. It’s a burden and a gift from above. I should of left a few things earlier than I did in my life so far. Yes, a bad relationship. I stuck it out and it turned out to be way worse than originally planned. I did learn from my past mistakes though. One thing I learned from an ex girlfriend is that: Things are in your life for a reason. If you pay attention, you’ll understand why. I’ve noticed that my Acura was in my life in order for me to grow up. When you have an older car, you need to have more patients. Things don’t just click in and work. Sometimes you have to finesse parts into their places. Because the parts that connect to others are probably old as well. When you understand something like that, you really start to pay attention to other things in life that are in the same conditions.

Making New Changes In My Life. Smart Decisions.

About 90% of my cars had some kind of Asian inspired racing feature to them. My Dodge Stratus had Neon lights inside the car. My 85′ Toyota MR2 had an upgraded engine and a loud exhaust. My Acura has the same loud exhaust, and an even crazier upgraded motor to it. I mean, this thing was just begging to be driven like a race car. I found out much sooner than I intended, that I was wrong about that. Either way, I’ve always driven cars a specific way. Balls to the walls and by the edge of my seat. It’s like I went to TOP GUN or something.

Part of my new chapter in life includes driving differently. I do not wish to race people at stop lights. I am not trying to join a “Race Team”. I’m not trying to impress some girl by having a flashy pants car. What I’m getting at is that I’m over the Fast and Furious mentality. Remember when that movie came out? It’s like the next day, Honda’s and Toyota’s everywhere had huge exhaust pipes and could be heard for miles. My Acura is the same way for full disclosure. You drive it through a parking garage of one of the casinos and every car alarm goes off. It’s like Dominos for car alarms. It’s kind of fun sometimes.

I’m done with driving my vehicle with my wiener. Yeah, I said it. I’m done rolling up to stop lights with music blasting and the motor rev’d up to 8500 rpm. I’m done with adding stickers, except for one WordPress sticker, and adding the other bells / whistles.

A Different Phase In Life

I’m at this phase in my life, that my grandfather would of called “Old Engineer Man” phase. It’s basically asking a lot of questions about where things came from. Instead of wondering what the available options are for my steak, I wonder how many trucks had to bring to the location that I’m at. I think I’m growing more aware of my situation in life and I just value things differently.

The Story That Lead Me To Write This Decisions Article

My dad was simply impressed with my decision to purchase the Mazda 6. He saw what it could do and almost freaked out. I mean, the car has a central alarm system. My dad flipped. The back seat has an arm rest and a drink holder and shit hit the fan. I showed my dad that you can release the back seats from the trunk and he just starred. It’s some reasons why I love the guy.

So we’re in the garage on Saturday night. We’re working on the can and my dad says “Does it even have a horn”? Without a response I check. It was in that moment that I did something different. I made a decision to honk the horn 9232930467986234875398756% different that I ever have before. I made the decision that I should find out some more about myself and express myself differently, vis-à-vis honking my horn. Maybe I can experiment with who I am as a person. I used to be a short honk kind of guy. Now I think I ‘m going to waste all of my available horn pressure on finding out what kind of horn honker that I really am. Who know’s right? I could end up being a L.A. traffic style honker. I could end up being a musically inclined kind of honker. I’d probably even use haft notes and whole rests.

I mean, the possibilities are endless. What ever decision I make, here on out, I’ll be making with knowing that I have a chance to change something about myself.

See My Proud Decisions

Here’s some photos of my new car. Enjoy. Thanks for the read!

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