Vegas Top Level Domains and why you need to get one today.

vegas top level domains

.Vegas Vegas Top Level Domains are super awesome. Not because I’m trying to sell you anything. I’m trying to say that for the first time, in a very long time, we have a chance to buy top level domains that do not end in .com or .net. Vegas Top Level Domains were created because it was once rumored that .com’s were running out of available names. I mean, I find it hard to believe. Then someone opened up a round of creating top level domains and the vegas top level domains made the cut. So now we get to be the lucky owners of vegas top level domains. My website, the one you are reading now, is just one of the many active .vegas domains in existence. If you want to see them all, visit this VEGASPROUD.VEGAS

Vegas Top Level Domains create an instant boost

Let me tell you what some of the advantages are about having a top level domain that ends in .vegas. FREE SEO. I didn’t know this. Earlier this week I met with a person from .Vegas INC and he showed me how I’m on their Vegas proud website. That’s a free link back to my website from theirs. I can already feel the SEO juice starting to rise. Just buying my .vegas site, I received an instant SEO boost. I mean, come one. No one else does that unless you submit your site to them. Even then, there is a whole review process and everything else. .Vegas just did it for me. Pretty awesome.

That’s about it.

I mean, they’re still a new top level domain. So their offerings are very limited. In the meeting I had, I purposed some idea’s and we’ll see if they run with it. I’m hoping that I just helped a ton of family owned business gain traction. Wouldn’t that be nice of me? Yeah, well I’m not in it for the popularity or the fame. I just want to help everyone in a small way that really matters.

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