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Vegas Geek John Hawkins

If you are not familiar with the Vegas Geek, I don’t blame you. In the last few years there has been an explosion in the tech community. All of the Vegas Geeks came out of the wood works and yes, we all look alike. There is one Vegas Geek I’d like to introduce you to. His name is John Hawkins and he is the WordPress Vegas Geek. He blogs over at Be forewarned, he’s really big into WordPress and Cross fit. You’re going to read a lot of those kinds of posts and they are awesome.

If you have ever gone to a Vegas WordPress Meet Up Group session, chances are you have met the Vegas Geek. He started the group at a bar with a friend and his wife. It was basically a lot of drinking and little talking about WordPress. Fast forward to 2011. That’s where I first me the Vegas Geek. He was the only person to get up in front of the group, about 15-30 people at the time, and talk about something that related to WordPress. He did a phenomenal job and he still does to this day. It wasn’t until a couple months later that I started to buy this guy beers in exchange for talking in front of the WordPress Group. Jokes on me because that was not necessary.

Later in 2011, I found out that John was the lead organizer of WordCamp Vegas. He successfully arranged all of the details, wrangled up some speakers and secured an awesome venue. He had a few people helping him, but for the most part he did it on his own. Talk about impressive. The guy has his own WordPress Plugin Development Company, runs the meet up group / presents for the group and put on an entire WordCamp.

Vegas Geek Blog

I love reading this blog for two simple reasons. You’re usually going to walk away with some useful knowledge and his posts are relatively short. The Vegas Geek is busy, so he does not blog often. When he does blog, its usually about a place he visited or a life lesson he has recently learned. All of his posts have been about Cross Fit as of lately. He has some great tips on there and i’m going to share one tip with you know. At one of the Vegas WordPress Meet Up sessions, John said that the best time to buy exercise equipment off Craigslist was right after black Friday. People usually go buy their new stuff at a discounted price due to the sales day. That’s when they usually end up selling old equipment off at a discount as well. What an awesome tip.

Vegas Geek Strikes Again

It’s no secret, mostly because I tell everyone, The Vegas Geek helped me break into the WordPress scene. Not just in Vegas, the entire community across the country. He was the first one to let me speak at my first WordCamp. That helped me get into others along the way. When ever I have a question and I can’t find the right answer, I usually ask John how he would solve this problem. I owe a lot of my WordPress knowledge to John a.k.a the Vegas Geek. He’s such a nice guy that he’ll deny he had anything to do with it. That’s why I’m sharing his blog with you today. If you would like to get to know the Vegas Geek better, here is a post on his blog that I would start with. Happy reading and Thank you John!

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