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I need to remind myself. There’s a big world out there

cities and bridges

Some days I lock myself in front of my computer. Not because I have no life. Mostly because I’m writing code. I develop WordPress Plugins. Some days I’ll forget to look out the window. So whenever I feel like updating my computer screen backgrounds, I always choose cities and bridges. There’s more to it than that. You get the main idea though. It reminds me that there’s a big world out there and that I should join in with the rest of the awesome people. Cities and Bridges would make a great name for a band name by the way.

Cities and Bridges make me happy

The honest truth is that I love cities and bridges. There are so many moving parts and their makeup just baffles me. I mean, think about how many bolts are on a suspension bridge. Most Americans (not factual) can’t count that high. Think about how many doors are in New York right now. It’s a lot. I know. That’s the kind of things I think about during my day. Instead of memorizing the plot of the Jersey Shore television show, I think about the amount of [insert object here] in a given city.

Cities and Bridges on launch day

If you have ever released a product to the world, you know what I’m going to talk about. You have this amazing invention or product. You know it could solve world peace. You hit publish on your website and realize that after a week, you’ve only reached 36 people. Not really feeling proud of your accomplishments anymore, are you? Feeling like you want to give up? Well then, that is exactly why I keep my background occupied with cities and bridges backgrounds. It reminds me that no matter what, I still have more people to reach and that I shouldn’t give up! Sure I could have some motivational posters on my wall, but it’s not the same. I don’t look at the wall that much. SO what’s the point here. Unless it’s in my direct line of sight, it’s pointless.

Just thought I should share a little secret I stumbled upon to keep me motivated while working. Maybe you could share with me, your favorite background images that motivate you!

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