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Macbook Pro has changed the way I work

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Every job I have had, involving a computer, usually has something to do with using Windows computers only. It makes sense seeing as how Apple computers were not really a huge thing until the late 2000’s. Most companies are set up on windows servers and running Windows XP or a later version. Today, you have these start-up companies and every single employee is on an Apple. Either an iMac or a Macbook Pro. Even going to local meet up groups, you see that white Apple everywhere you look. When I started working for Valley West Mortgage, I was given a Windows based computer. When that thing finally decided to give out, I was given the choice of getting another Windows computer or purchasing a new iMac. I chose the iMac.

I’m on my second iMac now. When I made my return to the company the new computer guy, who took my old job, was using the one we bought initially. I requested another iMac and we went out and bought a new twenty-seven inch iMac. We also bought two additional monitors. Because having dual or triple monitors is a thing these days. I’ve learned to love this computer and I’ve become set in my daily routine. When I would go home, I would return to a Windows box. There is nothing wrong with that. For me however, I had to re-adjust my thinking to use it. I was no longer using the command key. I had to use the ctrl button on the keyboard. I was not able to use my favorite app named Alfred. Overall, it sucked.

How I got my Macbook Pro

I use WordPress in my daily routine. All of my friends on Facebook are in the WordPress Community. So one day, I asked if anyone had a Macbook Pro they were selling. To my surprise, a recently new friend mentioned he had one for sale. He bought one in December of 2014 for his job. He works for WooThemes. Woo just became acquired by WordPress. Every employee of WordPress is given a new Macbook Pro. So he did not need the new one he just bought. We exchanged some money and I had the computer shipped to me. I’ve had it for just over a week now and I’m in love. I no longer have to re-adjust to a new platform when I head into work or when I come home from work. I now use both, the iMac and my Macbook Pro at work. When I am at my desk, I use the iMac. When I am asked to help another employee, go to a meeting or simply step away from my office, I use the Macbook Pro. Since they are both Apple products, I can share files straight across both devices. I was using a cloud or FTP settings on my server to do this.

My hatred for Apple products is going away

I am not a fan of paying more money for something that is essentially the same thing. What I mean is that I would not spend the $500 on a new iPhone, when I can buy the new Android phone for $300. The way I see it, both devices are a set of folders. So why pay more money. I’m the same way with tablets too. I recently bought the new Nexus 6 and I was given a Nexus 9 for my Christmas bonus. I’m a huge Android user. I love the platform and I love Javascript. I have a blog article about my love for Android. At the time of the article, I would have bet anything that I wouldn’t want a Macbook Pro. The one I wanted was super expensive and I didn’t have the cash. I still wouldn’t have one if it wasn’t for my friend. So I am truly lucky things worked out.

I can now fly. Thanks to my Macbook Pro

I no longer have to FTP or transfer files through a cloud-based system in order to work away from my desk. I can load anything I want and it’s all there just waiting for me to do my worse. I’m really excited because I will no longer stick out in meet up groups due to my Windows box. If I do, it’s because I’ll have said something weird. If you know me, that’s a totally true statement. Maybe it’s what I am known for. Who knows.

Enjoy some pictures of my Macbook Pro!

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  1. Quick clarification: “Every employee of WordPress is given a new Macbook Pro.”: It’s Automattic employees. And the MBP is a choice, just the vastly most common one indeed. I run an Asus with Fedora Linux instead. 🙂

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