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RT: I said it and I’ll never apologize for it.

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RT: I said it and I’ll never apologize for it.

RT: I said it and I’ll never apologize for it.
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I was trying to come up with some new material for jokes. As you know I’m a very famous comedian. I’ve played all the largest bathrooms in Las Vegas. The MGM and Caesars are my most redeemable acts. Trying to come up with a joke is like trying to figure out new ways to see. We all see with our eyes, but seeing with your hands can either be really awesome, or get you a night in jail. You get my point.

So what’s the new joke I was woking on last night? Well.

I was watching a video on Facebook and a woman slapped a man for talking poorly about women. So I thought that she was slapping him for being misogynistic. So my joke was to use the word “misogynistic” in a cartoon “POW” bubble like the did on Batman. You know, when Batman hits someone and “POW” comes up? Instead of POW, they use “Misogynistic”

My other joke is a play on the words misogynist. It kind of sounds like Massage-in-ist, and that makes me think of a person who gets a massage. The joke is: “Some people call me a misogynist. Why don’t you get a deep tissue on a Tuesday afternoon. Then we’ll see who wants to join the club.”

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