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25 things that can go either way.


25 things that can go either way.

25 things that can go either way.
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After reading a few posts on a specific website, I was really inspired to write a particular post. You should go read Twenty Five Things About Me after you read mine.
Instead of putting thought into a post, I decided to wing it. What do I mean? I’ve been putting random facts about me into a bowl on my desk. I’ll pick one out and so on until I reach 25. I’m pretty confident that I’m in good hands with this one.

  1. My biggest fear is having the love of my life tell me that she had nothing else to do, so she stuck around.
  2. I’ve been waiting for my parents to get a divorce since I was 12. They did when I was 21. Now, they are back together and doing just fine.
  3. I love new things, but I can sit at home and do / watch the same things on t.v. every night and be perfectly happy.
  4. My grandmother was a huge influence in my life. She smoked 3 packs a day. She died when I was 12. So now I smoke, Hookah, to have some kind of connection with her.
  5. Everyday I wonder what I did to make someone feel the way they do about me. Some nights it keeps me up and then 3 days goes by.
  6. I’ve been playing hockey since I was 8. Roller, never ice. Even though Reno had a ton of ice during the winter.
  7. I wasn’t the smartest in school and I wish I could go back. After I realized that, I turned my insomnia into a chance to take control of my life.
  8. Being a comedian has always been a goal of mine. I have idea’s all the time.
  9. Every time I say something, I pass it through 400 filters in my head and it still upsets someone.
  10. Most of my comedy is from T.V. shows. I figured that people laugh at them, so my friends will. No matter what, people just look at me like I’m stupid.
  11. Everyday I wake up, and there is 30 seconds that I feel truly happy. It makes the rest of my day seem like a breeze.
  12. I write about the things in life I wished I was doing right now.
  13. I had an idea, about periscope before it came out. Mine was called city sneak peek. I live in a city that millions wished they were in right now. I have that same feeling.
  14. I’ve never turned my back on an animal.
  15. I’m a Libra. I always try to balance the situation.
  16. I take the wrong chances in life sometimes.
  17. Blogging is something that no one can ever tell me to stop doing.
  18. I was cheated on in High School. I was told about it, by her, before my first day of senior year. She had everyone treat me like I was the wrong one because she was more popular.
  19. I am certified by OSHA to run any SkyCoaster in the country.
  20. My first job was at a go-kart track and the manager there became my best friend.
  21. Nascar means a lot to me because my grandfather was a huge fan.
  22. My family, on both sides, talked all the time. Then a family member passed and no one talks to each other. Lines were drawn. I hardly know cousins because of something that happened 80 years ago.
  23. Technology makes me happy and also upsets me at the same time.
  24. I’ve been to Europe and had to be forced to leave.
  25. I’m the guy who over use’s a phrase.
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Hey. I'm Russell Aaron. I'm a WordPress enthusiast. I work at WebDevStudios. I'm Lead Organizer of the WordPress Vegas Meetup Group and WordCamp Las Vegas. I simply blog about anything that comes into my mind. You've been warned.

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