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The Ten Worst Things About Living In Las Vegas According To A Local


Any Vegas local will tell you that the worst part of Vegas is meeting for drinks on the Strip. Even if you’re meeting fro drinks in a dive bar on Sunset and Las Vegas Boulevard. You have to deal with traffic and construction on all of the streets. It’s defiantly number one on my list of the Ten Worst Things About Living In Las Vegas according to a local.

I wrote a post about the best five free things in Las Vegas according to a local. Naturally, you should write a post about the worst part of Vegas.

That way you don’t seem bias.

Going to the Strip is like taking an entire day and going to a theme park. You’re going to overpay for everything.

You have to deal with long lines. Some of the Top Vegas Casino’s have even started charging for parking in their structures. It’s a nightmare, to say the least.

Let’s not forget that all of the attractions run on a half hour schedule. Take The Mirage Volcano for example.

Just face the fact that you’re never going to get there on time. You’re going to miss the start time by 5 or more minutes.

Which means that you’re going to stick around for another half hour to see the part you missed. It’s not worth it. I Promise.

I’ve done it twice. Once for the Mirage Volcano and once for the Sirens of T.I. Thank god that sexy-stupid show closed for good.

Ten Worst Things About Living In Las Vegas

  1. Going to the strip / asked to meet for drinks on the strip. Every realtor likes to tell you that the strip is only 15 minutes away. That’s true. If you’re going at 3:45 in the morning and taking dirt streets that do not exist yet.
  2. Picking up friends at the airport. The airport has made some major improvements over the years. However, they neglected the busy part and focused only on the international terminal. Sure, give them 5 lanes roads. We don’t mind.
  3. Getting / Giving the hookup. Yes, we live in Las Vegas. Sure we have some friends. They may even work at the best nightclubs in Vegas. No, they do not want to give my friends V.I.P. access. If you are looking for Tips on getting into a Vegas Nightclub, I suggest you read a post by my friend Kitty Lusby. It involves being pretty. Sorry guys.
  4. Driving on the major roads / freeways. I have lived in Vegas for just about 10 years. I’ve never seen Tropicana Avenue, Flamingo Road, Charleston Boulevard, or Sahara Avenue without a construction cone. Right now, I’ll bet there is construction in Tropicana. Trop as the locals call it. I’m right. That’s how I get to work. The freeways are always under construction. I’m also going to include any road trip that involves seeing the Hoover Dam or Lake Mead.
  5. Star Gazing in the night sky. Forget about it. Unless the Hoover Dam decides to implode, in which case Vegas becomes a city with no lights, you’re not going to see any stars in Vegas. Unless you’re talking about celebrities. Seth Rogen yes, Betelgeuse (actual star in space) no. Point Seth Rogen.
  6. Getting Dinner Reservations . Want to go to one of Gordon Ramsey’s famous restaurants? You should tell your Vegas Local months in advance. There’s no way that you’re going to get in on a Friday night without a reservation. Especially if you want to go the same night that you get in town.
  7. Shopping in the Casino Malls. This one is actually not as bad as it seems. If you have a Skilled Vegas Shopping Expert, you may have a slight chance if getting in and out without hassle. Tourists like to bring their kids. Which means there will be strollers. Strollers in a Casino equals Death To All. Every kid in a stroller will scream.
  8. Age Restrictions. Speaking of kids. Are you coming to Vegas with children? You just eliminated 60% of the things to do in Vegas. Good News: There are two water parks in Las Vegas. Bad News: They are both on the outskirts of town. Casino’s don’t like having the young ones inside. Three-year-olds and 45-year-old Marble Floors do not get along. Ask Steve Wynn about it.
  9. Gambling & Sports Betting. Vegas Casinos are full of daily gamblers. I have two friends that make a good living gambling. Here’s the deal. The Casino floor is horrible. They do that on purpose. That way you won’t want to look down. You don’t want to look up either. They force you to stare at the games and hope you get encouraged to gamble. Yes, I gamble from time to time. It’s once in a few years.
  10. Stip Clubs. Going to any strip club Monday through Thursday means that you are not going to see the club’s A-Squad. They only appear Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They’re also very expensive. You can’t touch them. What’s the point? You can see just as beautiful women on any porn site online. WHat’s the difference? $500 bucks and a power connection.
  • Bonus Round: The Concert Venue’s in Las Vegas are small. If there are seats, they are packed tightly like sardines. Most of them are standing only. The Vegas Concert Venues with lots of room are in the Casinos. You have to pay a pretty hefty price to see the artist.

An explanation as to why. No Promises.

I’ll give you the points upfront. Based on the list that I just gave you, there are a lot of things to do in Las Vegas.

Most of the best vegas attractions are free.

It still neglects the fact that you have to get to those attractions. Which involves dealing with people and rules. If you have the money, you may be able to book a helicopter ride.

All of the best times are taken months in advance.

See where I’m going with this? Do you see why these are my Ten Worst Things About Living In Las Vegas? Excellent.

Living in Las Vegas is not as bad as it seems.

Every city has their bad parts. Vegas just has more.

What about the heat?

Don’t get me started on the heat. I didn’t specifically mention the heat due to obvious reasons. The South West United States lives in constant cold/heat.

We get less than a month of actual nice weather. Other than that….

It sucks no matter where you are.

However, gambling does not. I’ve gambled in Canada and it wasn’t that bad.

Maybe I’ll do an entire post on the heat. We’ll see.

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