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I kissed the Stanley Cup and it was awesome.

The Stanley Cup

When you live in Las Vegas, you get to see some truly awesome things. Celebrities, major events, World Tours and all of the sports award banquettes. This is where I first saw The Stanley Cup. In 2015, The Stanley Cup, and all of the other amazing NHL trophies, were on display for the world to see inside of the MGM Hotel and Casino. The trophies surrounded the world famous MGM Lion in the hotel’s main lobby.

The first sports trophy that I was lucky enough to see in person was The Nascar Sprint Cup Championship Trophy. Oddly enough, it was a replica. The actual trophy only appears when someone wins the cup during the Chase for the Sprint Cup. I was a little disappointed to say the least.

Fast forward to the Chase Race in Phoenix and I saw the real trophy. Bathing in the warm Phoenix sun, it was sitting next to the winners trophy for the actual race in Phoenix. That’s right. I saw both in the same day, at the same time.

Again, fast forward to 2015, and I get to see all of the NHL’s amazing trophies. The Con Smyth, The Prince of Wales and The Art Ross trophy. I’ve only seen these trophies on T.V. You only get to see a few of them at best. You can see some more on the NHL website. Other than that, you’re left to seeing the trophies online in a Google Search. So when I say, as a hockey fan, it’s incredible to see them all at the same place at the same time you know I really mean it.

The Stanley Cup First

When I first walk into the main lobby of the MGM Hotel, all you can see is a crowd of people trying to get their picture taken with The Stanley Cup. You wait in line for 5 minutes and then you get your turn. The trophies are guarded with a thick railing and surrounded by security staff. You can’t touch them and I don’t blame anyone for that. It actually makes sense.

After taking my picture, I walked around and got took some photos. Then the most amazing thing happened.

The keeper of The Stanley Cup put on his pure white gloves and lifted it up. Walked it around and allowed the crowd to touch / kiss the cup. That’s where I officially kissed The Stanley Cup.

Here are the photos.

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