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Shared Blog: Lollie Shopping

Lollie Shopping

Shared Blogs

Shared Blog: Lollie Shopping

Shared Blog: Lollie Shopping
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It never hurts having a few extra reasons to shop. Am I right? Well look no further! My good friend Laura “Lollie” Coronado is here to inspire you to shop! She is a freelance writer obsessed with shoes, mascara and shopping. Laura has a huge passion for proving that fashion can and does exist in the Las Vegas Valley. To learn more about here, check out

I recently spent some time with Laura. She is releasing the press information for WordCamp Vegas 2015. In our time together online, I asked her why her site is called Lollie Shopping. Was it a clever name someone came up with for “happy shopping”? Lollie Shopping kind of sounds like a thing you do when shopping for lollipops. Turns, out I was kind of right.

My mother nicknamed me Lollipop as a child. As an adult, people called me Lollie. Since I love to shop, that’s how the name “Lollie Shopping” came about..

She’s a wonderful writer, fashion blogger and has been seen on Las Vegas T.V. a few times. Her blog does not suck and you should check it out!

Lollie Shopping

I’m not usually one for being star struck. You kind of can’t help it after seeing all of the Lollie Shopping Fox 5 News This Morning videos. The Lollie Shopping Instagrams section of her blog is my favorite part. You never know what she’s going to share. Somedays it’s cup cakes, YUM. Every week, you can catch the Lollie Shopping OutFit Of The Week.

Guys, need some idea’s on what to get that special someone? Lollie Shopping has tons of things to choose from for under $100. These ideas are guaranteed to put a smile on her face. Maybe you need a lifestyle change? Lollie Shopping can do that too.

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