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The In flight Movie Release Program

the in flight movie

If I was to star in a movie, it would not come out on screens across the country. Not because the writing sucks or the director is under the age of 18. Mostly because there is no budget to have a major motion picture company pick the film up and release it. I don’t think that the movie would go straight to DVD. Mostly because the people I work with are hilarious. I think we would have enough social media to get a buzz. So what is between being released on screens across the country and straight to DVD. I know the answer. It’s called “The In Flight Movie release program”. Let me answer your question now. Yes, peanuts and soda will be complimentary. If they are not, show them this blog post, after you pay forty-five dollars ($45) to receive internet access, and demand free peanuts. Here I’ll do it for you. Flight Attendant, give this person free soda and peanuts as they watch the in flight movie.

The in flight movie release program

What do you think the in flight movie release program looks like? Is it a building with a cheap sign that’s half lit up? Is the program a 12 step kind of thing? I think it’s more of a program that runs out of the basement of some nice old lady. You know, because the owner lives in his mothers basement. The owner has some close connections and that’s how the movies make it on the in flight movie release program. Maybe that’s a bit too obvious. Maybe that joke has been beat to death. We’ll guess what? I’m the guy that was hired to finish beating the horse. I’m an animal lover by the way. I can say this though, because it’s just an expression. If we’re not talking about the obvious thing here, I think the in flight movie release program is ran out of executive offices by an owner that barely pays the rent. That’s interesting to t think about. I think there is a story there.

How this idea came about is simple. In the little pocket attached to the back of the seat in front of you, there is a card. The card has instructions on what to do in case of an emergency and how things will work. There is also a sky mall. Well, on this particular flight from Phoenix to Detroit, there was another card. This card informed me that there was no inflight movie release program available. There is, however, a free website where i can download an app onto my Apple Laptop. I can watch almost anything on NBC. Since NBC was involved in the release of a movie called TrainWreck, you could watch it for free. That’s when it hit me. The movie already came out in theaters. It’s not out on DVD yet. So this must be the middle This must be the in flight movie release program. Turns out that the program is not ran out of a basement. It’s not ran out of executive offices wither. It’s a corporate enterprise that only cares about money. Man, I was really interested in this topic. That thought just bummed me out.

I just went to the website, that the card talks about, and there really are movies that you can watch. You can’t watch TrainWreck for free. It’s five ninety-nine ($5.99). You can watch movies form the nineteen twenties (1920’s). Boom. That’s it. I’m back in love with this topic. Thank’s, stupid website that costs money to have fun on a plane full of sleeping people. I guess I’ll go join the Selfie Mile High Club or something.

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