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Detroit Street Art Tour Downtown

Detroit Street Art at The Dequindre Cut

I’ve been posting this week from Detroit, Michigan. We took a trip to visit my girlfriends family that lives back east. Technically it’s the Midwest, but we won’t argue that today. We came into town for Christmas. I had no clue what we were going to be doing if we had time to ourselves. We woke up for Christmas and decided that we would go downtown and have a Detroit Street Art tour. The last time we came to Detroit, we hung out at Dino Ciccarelli’s “22 Sports Bar” and talked about Detroit Street Art. We were talking about a street art tour that we took in London. The bartender overheard our conversation and suggested that we go to this other location and see all of the Detroit Street Art. We did and you can see that tour here. So we’re back in Detroit and I’m taking you on another Detroit Street Art Tour.

Detroit Street Art & The Dequindre Cut

Detroit Street Art at The Dequindre Cut

Painted Chalk Board for anyone to write what they feel

If you have ever been downtown Detroit, you know that most of the buildings are covered in Detroit street art. In an effort to rebuild the city of Detroit, the city decided to turn an old railway section into a city park and jogging path. It’s free to enjoy and there are a few rules. Simple park rules such as

  1. Pets must be on a leash
  2. All trash goes in the trash cans
  3. No Unauthorized Vehicles
  4. Vagrancy, Vending and solicitation are not permitted
  5. Camping, Campfires and grills are not permitted
  6. Alcohol beverags are not permitted
  7. Please refrain from playing loud music.


The last rule is my favorite. Loud music and street art are one in the same. Regardless, we started our Detroit street art at the Corner of Lafayette St. and St. Aubin St. There is a walkway that leads down to the Dequindre Cut. There is also another walkway at the corner of St. Aubin St. and Antietam. We parked at the shopping center on Lafayette just before the Dequindre Cut.

Detroit Street Art at its finest

There are some very talented artist’s in the Detroit scene. One of my favorites is an artist that I only know by the name of Grey LA. When you walk down to the Dequindre Cut from Lafayette St. one of the first things you see if the Vlasic Dill Pickle Stork. It’s pretty amazing. There is a phrase that reads “Classic Dill Taste”. It’s been painted over, but you can still see the stork and the phrase.

Most of the street art is your basic graffiti. Some crazy-random lettering that probably spells out a word that the artist can not spell in the first place. There are some pretty interesting pieces down on the Dequindre Cut that I want to show you. Some of them include Storm Trooper Indian’s, Racecar freeway and the city of Detroit painted like a Picasso.

Street art has played a huge role in my life. I love to draw and I used to tag a lot when I was younger. Relax police authorities, I would only tag on my desk at home. No spray paint. Just a pencil and a lot of time on my hands. My initials are even on my back shoulder blade, in a graffiti font. The Detroit Street Art scene has played a big role in my life the last two years. It’s inspired me to get out and meet some artists. People I would have never sought out. Hopefully, it inspires someone out there. Don’t paint your neighboorhood. Paint the world, with its permission.

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OK, Instead of just talking about them, I think it’s better if I just let the pictures do the talking.

Please note that these Detroit Street Art works may be different by the time that you read this post and head down to the Dequindre Cut. Fair warning.

I am only going to list few of my favorites on this post. You can click here to see all of the Detroit Street Art Tour at The Dequindre Cut.

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