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The best way to pick a 65 inch Vizio flat screen tv

65 inch vizio price at sams club 2016

Disclaimer:The advice in this article can be useful for picking any brand of television. This is not a sales pitch, or any other salesmen type service, to try and sell you on a product. After weeks of research and driving from store to store, I decided that the 65 inch Vizio was the right choice for me.

For Christmas 2015, the owner of the Mortgage Company in Las Vegas asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Last year I decided that I wanted the Nexus 9 Google Tablet. It would match the Nexus 6 Google Phone that I had just purchased. A few days later, I had the tablet in my hands. I love it by the way. This year, I decided that I wanted a new television. I had a perfectly working Sony 60 inch tv from the late 1990’s. The tv came with a slight crack in the screen. The crack was about the size of a dime. After 4 years of dealing with it, I had enough. I was going to get a new flat screen. There was one problem. What’s the best way to pick a flat screen tv? After you decide which size and brand you want (I wanted Vizio), what is the best way to pick a 65 inch Vizio flat screen tv? It’s crazy to even think about.

Always Start At Target

After doing a couple Google searches, I decided that the front runner in my search for the best flat screen tv was the 65 inch Vizio E-Series. There are great reviews that go into lengthy details about the flat screen. It’s always good to get feedback. I suggest always reading comments first before you buy something. After choosing your front runner, you need to find a store that sells your model and see if you like the size (height, width, and girth). That’s where I ran into another problem. I couldn’t decide where to start my searching for a new flat screen tv. I decided that I would go to the closest place to my residence. Target turned out to be that store. I didn’t realize this at the time, but this is by far the best way to start your search for a new flatscreen tv. Why? Because you buy yourself a bag of Popcorn and head over to the Electronics department. Now you’re watching TV with a very delicious snack. You can’t do that anywhere else. Maybe you can at Costco. Depending on the line. You could do this at Walmart, but I didn’t want to commit to a whole thing of McDonalds French Fries.

65 inch Vizio tv at target

The best way to pick a 65 inch Vizio flat screen tv starts at Target. Buy a bag of Popcorn for $1 and just hang out.

Who has the best deal on Flat Screen TV’s?

After you decide on which flat screen you want, and which size it should be, the next thing to do is find out who has it for the lowest cost. Keep in mind that very low prices usually mean that the flat screen is refurbished. Fry’s Electronics usually has 65 inch Vizio flat screen tv’s for sale. In their ad, the sale reads as “refurbished by 3rd party vendor”. Buyer beware. The other thing you want to verify is the model number on the TV you’re looking at. Some stores like to put the top model on display and pass it off as the cheaper, lower model. There was a popular electronics store with a price tag as a logo that liked to do that many years ago. After few hours of research, it turns out that Costco has the best deal on 65 inch Vizio flat screen televisions. Costco extends ther manufacturer warranty on computers and televisions for 2 years from the date of purchase. I have a 5 year warranty on my 65 inch Vizio and I paid $60 – $80. They also come to your house if there is a problem with the device. Walmart makes you bring it in to the store. Just as a comparison.

65 inch vizio with costco warranty

This was taken on Jan 28th, 2016 at Costco. This is the warranty on my 65 inch Vizio flat screen.

Hanging my 65 Inch Vizio

Hanging a 65 inch Vizio flat screen TV is actually easy to do. I thought there was going to be more work involved. I really did. All you need to do is simple.

Hanging the wall mount

  1. Find one stud in your wall. Chances are that you will not have a stud in the direct center of your wall. That’s ok. Just make sure you’re as close to the center of the wall as possible.
  2. Once you find a stud, measure 60 inches up, from the floor level. That’s the recommended height to hang your television.
  3. Once you drill into the wall and stud, place the wall mount template onto the wall, using tape to hold it in place.
  4. The wall mount template will show you where the other stud can be located by using idication markeings.
  5. Look for the other stud by identifying where the wall mount template has existing holes cut into it.
  6. Drill your other three holes for the wall mount.
  7. Fasten the wall mount to the wall using the bolts that come with the mount.

Hang the tv to the wall mount

  1. Wall mount should come with hangers to mount to the back of the TV
  2. Remove the screws from the back of your tv.
  3. Place mount on the back of tv and hand tighten the screws with a screw driver.
  4. Bottom of the hangers should have a locking device that allows you to fold in the clips
  5. Hang the television on the wall mount and push the bottom of the tv towards the wall mount
  6. Once wall mount is all the way back, lock the locking device into place.
  7. Enjoy!
65 inch vizio at my house

This is the 65 inch Vizio E-Series hanging on my wall after installation.

In conclusion

Do your homework before you just decide to buy the first TV that comes along. If you are not sure what size you want, go to Target and get a bag of popcorn and just hang out in the electronics department. You need to look at the tv for at least 5 minutes to allow your eyes to adjust to the picture. Try not to compare one tv picture to another. Even though they are on the same feed, there could be some lag in the screen due to settings on the TV itself.

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