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Listen To: Bring Me The Horizon – Sleepwalking

Bring Me The Horizon

This is my first post in a series I’m calling “What I’m listing to today“. It’s a weekly posting series where I’ll share my favorite band with you, and one of their songs, for the week. Throughout the years, I’ve been creating a playlist on Itunes called “Favorite songs of 2015”, or whatever year the list was created. I started doing this in 2008. I used to burn the songs onto a cd and keep it in my car. When I have friends in my car, I let them play the part of DJ. 99% of the time, they pick the cd, or now playlist, of a year. They always say something like “Oh I used to love this song”. So I’ll share my favorite song & band with you once a week and hopefully, you’ll find a new favorite band. My first band is Bring Me The Horizon. Check out the BMTH website and check out the BMTH official merch!

About Bring me the horizon

Bring me the horizon is one of my favorite bands. I’ve seen them in concert a handful of times and they never disappoint. I think that many of the new musical acts are one sided. Meaning that they are either amazing live acts or purely a recording artist. Bring me the horizon is a double threat. When you go to their concert, close your eyes and it sounds like you’re at home listening to their album. At home, close your eyes and it sounds like you’re at their show. That’s my definition of a double threat. Bring me the Horizon is one of the hardest/loudest/craziest bands I’ve seen to date. A very close second is We Came As Romans! I hope you enjoy BMTH! If you want to see all of the music videos for Bring Me The Horizon, check out their official Youtube Channel- BMTHOfficialVEVO

[Tweet “Time stood still. The way it did before. It’s like I’m sleepwalking”]

Watch BMTH Lead Singer Destory Cold Plays Table


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