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Street Art Detroit: Hood Edition


For my birthday we visited Detroit. Yes, the city with the high crime rate, worst economy and the same one where you don’t stop in certain parts. That Detroit. The Street Art Detroit scene is nothing compared to the street art I showed you yesterday in my post called Street Art For The Masses. What I mean by that is that they are totally different animals. The art scene in Detroit is mostly filled with Gangsters and “Taggers”. It’s cool. Their work is pretty awesome. You’ll see soon.

So for my birthday we went to Detroit. For a few reasons. Mostly to see the Penguins play the Redwings. Penguins won by the way. Well the day of the game, we stopped by Dino Ciccarellis bar called “Ciccarellis 22 Sports Bar”. It was super awesome. For a while we were the only people there. Before Red Wings games, locals usually stop in and grab a drink. Sometime Dino is even there himself. They have all these posters on the wall of past Red Wing teams and Stanley Cup winners etc. It’s super awesome.

Well, I was telling someone about this street art tour we took in London. I was describing the artwork and the scene. Well the bar back (guy behind the bar that gets you ice) starts to over hear our conversation. He mentions that he knows of some Street Art Detroit. I mention to him that we’ve already driven downtown and seen all the buildings. So after a minute, he tells us about this spot in Detroit where his family used to have a business. It’s next to some train tracks and some half abandoned buildings.

So the next day we decided to go check out this “part of town” where the graffiti lives. Man let me tell you. It was super bad ass. It wasn’t like simple tags. Some of the artwork pieces looked they took months to complete. Below are a few of my favorite, as well as a gallery of images.

Turtle art in Detroit

TURDL artwork in Detroit

Street Art Detroit

TURDL was an awesome piece. Very simply drawn turtles with no face. Just a mouth, shell and legs. Oh, and the TURDL is riding a skate board. How awesome is that? I really liked TURDL a lot. Some other pieces were super cool. Take this next one for example. I’ve ever seen graffiti have a roof and a road before. I have no idea where that comes from.

Some awesome graffiti

Graffiti in Detroit

I’m pretty sure that Chester Cheetah is famous all over the world. So I don’t know why I was so surprised when I saw him painted on the wall. It was like Bart Simpson in my last post. I’ve seen that iconic figure almost everyday of my adult life. Yet I was still drawn to it. There was this other figure that really stuck out to me. There is a black and white character with his eyes X’d out holding a sign that said Social Protest. The character is just hanging between two other art pieces. I have no idea what it meant. It just stuck out to me.

SO here are the rest of the art works on the wall. I hope you enjoy! I wanted to keep this one short and more about the art.


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