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Misunderstood or thinking outside of the box?


I honestly believe that I am misunderstood all of the time. I’m not the same person I was when I was younger. Literally. I’m older, I have new skin cells and my kidney has rebuilt itself a hundred times over. See? I was right. But it’s right there that my problem lives. Most individuals, I feel like, would of said something else that people can relate to. Such as: they have seen more in life, they have learned more about life and learned life lessons that you can’t learn in a book. See? Those are subjects people can relate to. I mean you see that shit all day on Facebook. Well I do at least.

I’m that kind of guy who thinks about the materials of a delivery truck that delivered my steak instead of the being the guy that thinks about how he wants his steak cooked. It’s not because the cook on my steak is not important. It’s that I’ve already decided that I like my steak cooked medium well. Yeah. So I don’t spend any more time thinking about it. Except for right now. I’ve already decided that I like a million other things. My mind’s made up and I move on. I’m more interested in knowing things I do not already know. I think learning is very important. I want to learn as much as possible. It’s just me.

Now some would say that I’m a bit of a hypocrite because I’ll watch the same movie over and over again. That’s because I enjoy it. Again, I’m not thinking about the movie. I’m just listening. Right now I’m watching The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. I’ve probably seen this 20 times in the last month. Again, I’m just listening. The same thing can be said for music. Although I am always searching the Google for new music.

Last year I gave a presentation at WordCamp Las Vegas. I said something that, I learned later on, tweaked a few peoples feathers. Again, another saying most wouldn’t say. I said that I’d like the people in the presentation to learn as much as they can so that when they attend this years WordCamp, they can sit in on some more advanced presentations. I wasn’t me saying that I think the people in the room are not smart. It wasn’t me saying that I think everyone needs to learn more. It was my saying that since I attended my first WordCamp, I have the confidence to site in more advanced presentations.

To me, that’s me being misunderstood or thinking outside the box. So maybe I’m reading to much into this? Maybe I’m over thinking this? Who knows that answer? I’ll tell you. No one does. I’ve asked around to some peers and they think I was dead on the money with my saying. Some would say it was a great sales pitch to get more people in the door for this years WordCamp. All I know is that there’s always a few ways to take out the trash.

A pinball machine

Here’s a photo of some pinball. Random Right?

There’s always a few ways to take out the trash. That’s something I always say while working. It’s friendly for the work place, and it’s unique. That’s all I want to be. Something that’s unique.

So I’ll leave you with this thought. Maybe I am misunderstood. Maybe I am always trying to think out the box. All I know is that new words, phrases and sentences only become created by saying something new. Thinking of different ways to say things is responsible for words having multiple meanings. I’m not saying that I’m a trend setter. I just know that I want to do my part in advancing our society and culture.


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