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6. Meet 9. Google Nexus.


Google Nexus has to be one of my favorite brands on the planet. Next to Coca Cola and Nascar. So it shouldn’t surprise you that I have both Google Nexus devices now in my possession. One I bought with the upgrade plan I had through my cell provider. The other was a very special / early christmas present from the owner of Valley West Mortgage. They both are running Android Lollipop 5.0. One is made by Motorola (Google Nexus 6) and the other is made by HTC (Google Nexus 9). What was very cool about these devices, as long as the version of Android, the Google Nexus 6 was able to take the settings from my Samsung S3 and transfer all my wifi networks and passwords, other credentials and apps to the new device. That kicked ass. Then the Google Nexus 9 logged into the same account and asked if I wanted to set the device up as a new device, or replicate my Google Nexus 6. I chose to replicate the Google Nexus 6 and BAM! There it was. Some download were going, but other than that, everything worked. Even the wallpaper moved to my Google Nexus 9. As you can see in my main photo at the top, they both have the same wallpaper.

The security lock did not transfer over. So that sucked. But it’s fairly easy to set up, so no biggie biggie biggie. Let’s get into talking about the Google Nexus 6 before we talk about the Google Nexus 9. The phone it’s self is just amazing. It’s a little bigger than I imagined, and it only came in one color. The 32gb only came in the navy blue color. But I have a case on it and at night it looks black.

The Google Nexus 6

It’s a Motorola. Everyone say it with me. Hello Moto! OK, we good now? Awesome. I really like the shape and I like the light weight of the phone. It’s very slim and it fits in the hand relatively well without being oversized like an extra large TV remote. Sure the Samsung Galaxy S3 was one of the smallest phones I’ve ever owned in the last 12 years. Let’s just pause for a moment and realize what I just said. I’ve had a cell phone now for 12 years. My first phone ever was a Motorola and it was designed in a carbon fiber pattern. I think that is why I ended up buying it. Well that and the fact that it was cheap. The Google Nexus 6 handles multitasking very well. I can move from app to app without the phone battery an eye. The one thing I do not like about the new operating system, Android lollipop, is that you can not close all of the tabs in one swoop like you used to on my s3. Now you must close each tab individually. It’s not that big of a deal because I always stay on top of my tabs but for some it could be the end of the world.

the best part about having the new operating system is that all of the games and apps work. Just like in WordPress all of the developers test their games and apps in the latest version before the latest version is released. So I really like that I don’t have to wait for a software update, like I used to with my s3, from either my cell phone provider or the manufacturer of the phone. Google will just roll that out for me and the developer will push the new version to my phone without me having to do it. Now that’s mostly the operating system and the developer doing that for me but the fact that my Nexus 6 runs all of this in the background makes it a huge difference. My s3 use to notify me every single time something happened with the phone. With the new operating system I can turn notifications on and off and even set my phone to a different type of setting to wear only things that are priority notify me. Such as if I’m in a meeting and I put my phone into priority mode I don’t have to worry about Facebook popping up and telling me somebody like my post. I don’t have to get another stupid text from that one person telling me lol. It’s part of the operating system that I think is untouchable compared to other operating systems out there.

The Google Nexus 6 hands down is one of the fastest phones I have ever owned. The office manager here at the mortgage company is an owner of an iPhone 6. I was talking in the office one day about how fast my phone is and he told me to pony up. So we both cleared our cache and cleared our internet cache and had a battle to the wits. The first website we loaded was random Safe to say my Google Nexus 6 smoked his iPhone 6 in the download challenge. Then we decided to upload a photo to the cloud. Again Google wins. And my photo went to my private section inside of my Google Plus profile where his went to his open photo album. So I would just like to say that in my own words that I think the Google Nexus 6 is much faster than the iPhone 6.

The Google Nexus 9

This is my very first tablet that I have owned. I bought one a while ago for my girlfriend and she has used it ever since. I’ve maybe used it a couple of times that’s all. This tablet is very thin and lightweight. The Google Nexus 9 also comes with Android lollipop, and all of the settings and features that my Google Nexus 6 has. So nothing has really changed in that aspect of games and apps and downloads and uploads and WiFi and data streaming. What is very different about the tablet is the way the processor and the RAM works. The tablet itself is very fast. And when it is hooked up to very fast wifi it is almost insane. I just think about stuff and the tablet works. I don’t have to push enter or do a Google search. All I have to say is the magic words okay Google and I can do anything I want. I can say okay Google open up boom beach and the app opens up without a problem. Now we ordered my Google Nexus 9 from Best Buy as well as we ordered the yoga 3, 2 in 1 laptop. I don’t want to brag but my google nexus 9 shit the next day and was at my office the next day. We are still waiting on the yoga 3 to arrive. Again in my eyes, google and it’s superior performance wins again.

In conclusion, I love the Google Nexus brand and the Google Nexus product line. I only wish that I would have owned the Nexus 5 first. I only wish that I had the Google Nexus 7 as well. I have a friend that had the Nexus 7 and he was highly impressed with it. So I can only imagine that I would have been as well. So now that I have introduced the 6 to the 9, everything is right in my world.


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