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Listen To: Sia – Chandelier

sia at the grammy awards

An image is everything when it comes to being famous. We all want people to think a certain way about our daily actions. It doesn’t matter if you do 1,000 good deeds and helps millions of people around the world. One tiny slip up and your image is ruined. It will take a long time to regain your image back. Enter Sia. Sia does not have a public image that she’s trying to keep up. She actually prefers not to have a public image. That’s unless there is a cause to help the LGBTQ community or to help animals. She said it herself on The Howard Stern Show. It’s not her dream to deal with the headaches that come with being popular or famous. I kind of admire Sia for that.

What I like about Sia

The Powerball was a huge topic a couple weeks ago. If you read your friend’s status updates they mentioned that if they became a billionaire, they would still lead a normal life. You also hear these celebrities talk about how they don’t want to be labeled or judged. Yet they will go on a 36-hour photo shoot for GQ or Cosmo magazine. You’d see your friends posting pictures of their new Ferrari. What I’m getting at here is that people say one thing and do another. Enter Sia. Here is a woman that’s making a lot of money by writing chart-topping musical numbers. She is well known and her personal album is climbing the charts. She is buying houses and taking advantage of her success. What’s the difference then? You don’t read about it in magazines and on T.V. Up until you read this article, there is a 95% chance that you have yet to see her face. That’s what I love about Sia. She’s living her life and keeping it to herself.

There was a celebrity, recently, that mentioned they would be putting down their cell phone in order to raise awareness for something probably stupid. That’s very sweet of them to do. Except for the fact that they could have done the same thing without the cameras from 60 minutes and Extra. They could have sent out a tweet or something. Most celebrities have a blog of some sort right? Why not write a blog post with some strong SEO behind it to raise the awareness? Oh right, you ‘re promoting your movie and want to let people know what you’re one of the normal people. That’s a huge problem that I have with Celebrities. Not with Sia though. Is she perfect? No. She’ll tell you that herself. She admitted it on The Howard Stern Show. She does, however, seem to have her anonymity intact. Sia, you’re a fantastic singer/song writer. Thank you. Check her website.

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