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Shared Blog: Chris Stanton

chris stanton

Few musicians actually take their own advice. When you hear those inspirational lyrics that make you pull your life together and make something of yourself, you’d imagine that the artist lives by those words as well. At the least, those words play into their daily lives. Until one day, you open your internet browser or favorite app, you read a headline that reads “[Insert Musicians Name Here] involved in [Insert Controversial Mishap Here]”. I am here to tell you that Chris Stanton is not one of those musicians. The Chris Stanton I know, maybe I have a toner for him who knows, actually does what he says. When I first met Chris Stanton, he was in this band from Reno, NV called Wayward. Wayward has this song called “See It Through”. One of my favorite lyrics from that particular song is: “Bring it up to the table, lay your cards out. This is all we need to see it through.” That’s exactly what Chris Stanton did. He brought his cards to the table and moved to Nashville. TN.

Bring it up to the table, lay your cards out. This is all we need to see it through. – Wayward

Meet Chris Stanton

meet-chris-stanton The word I’ve heard most used to describe Chris Stanton, from a woman’s point of view, is Swoon. Hearts have broken and yet every single one of them still love this guy. Chris Stanton is a music guy’s music guy. He rides a motorcycle, plays a ton of instruments, builds his own website, produces his videos and writes his own music.

Chris is also the kindest guy that you could ever meet. He’s not interested in telling you how to live your life. He’ll give you advice that he’s learned from his own life experiences. That’s what makes Chris Stanton, the guy that we all should try to be like.

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