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ShowMeYourCity is a great hashtag on Twitter. I used it recently while tweeting my good friend in Austin, Texas. She works for a hosting company and I’m pretty sure that her hosting servers were punishing me for not saying hello for a while. So I sent out a tweet. After a few tweets, she asked how Las vegas was doing. Usually, when someone asks me about my city, I take a picture. 9 out of 10 times I get a retweet or a favorite. She’s so cool that she replied back with an even cooler photo. Here’s the tweets.

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It’s important that you give your client some WordPress education
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Hey. I'm Russell Aaron. I'm a WordPress enthusiast. I work at WebDevStudios. I'm Lead Organizer of the WordPress Vegas Meetup Group and WordCamp Las Vegas. I simply blog about anything that comes into my mind. You've been warned.


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