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No Facebook Posting From February First… to who knows when. Hopefully longer.

I’ve decided that for the entire month of February, I’m not going to post anything to Facebook by using Facebook. I’m even thinking on not opening Facebook at all. My blog sends all posts to Twitter, which sends everything to Facebook. For everything else, I can use IF This Then That if I need to. Mostly Instagram lets me post to Twitter and then to Facebook. SO now you know my plan, let’s dive into something else here. The Why.

Listen up, I’m only going to say this once. There are to many times, while sitting at home, that I check Facebook. And for what do I get in return for checking my feed? A picture of a Torta, a Mexican dish that’s pretty dope, an ad that says I’m living life all wrong and seeing things that were posted 3 days ago in my feed because I’m looking at the “What’s Popular” feed and not the most recent feed. Furthermore, 3 days ago, I saw that post that your currently showing me from three days ago. Look, what I’m getting at here is that Facebook has become a place, much like Myspace before the music, where nothing surprises us anymore.

I’m no longer interested in seeing the Fitness photo that Kendra posted. No matter how “Sexy” she claims to be. I’m no longer interested in what Eric and Donna had for dinner. I don’t care anymore. When I first discovered them, I was blown away at their creative idea’s. Now it seems like:

  • They are phoning it in now
  • You can only use Chorizo in so many ways before it becomes bland
  • It was cute when Donna used to steal Emeril Lagasse’s signature “BAM”. Now it’s worse than a re-occurring joke on Two and a Half Men.
  • Eric has a problem with the way Donna cooks basil. It’s so annoying. It could also be really clever to a mind like Andy Kaufman

You get my point. Facebook has become the news to me. I don’t watch the news as as much as I used to. Why? Because the only news seems to be:

  • 2 men murdered. No Leads, here’s a pamphlet
  • What the weather is going to be like 2 weeks from now. If you want to know what the weather is going to be tomorrow, you should of watched two weeks ago
  • 7 deadly signs your kids being bullied and 7 things you could do to teach your kid to shut a bully up, but we’ve become such a pussified society where no one sticks up for each other, you just go on the Dr. Phil show and “Share your emotions”
  • Dirty spots where not to eat in the city

You see what I’m talking about. It’s depressing shit. It’s the same thing as Facebook. It’s just going no where for me.

Here’s what I’m hoping will happen…

I’m hoping that by the end of the month, maybe a bit longer, I become that guy on Facebook that posts maybe once a month if there is something important enough to share. Meaning that there better be 45 minute video of a puppy saving a man from a fire while juggling chainsaws and motor boating some large ones. BRB….. OK I’m back. I’d also like to have more to talk about with people I interact with on a daily basis. I read more than enough WordPress tutorials every week but it’s not enough to talk about with some one who has never heard of WordPress. So I’m going to learn more about life. I’m going to learn more about culture. I’m going to go out more. That’s for sure.

So here’s to looking up your Address, sorry I’m watching Wedding Crashers right now, and to posting more blogs about how life is better now that I’m off Facebook!

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