I love you GoDaddy. I’m behind you 100%
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Godaddy sponsored a WordCamp you have attended. They’re a Global Community Sponsor of all U.S. WordCamp Events. Plus some others. Not just for the 2016 season. They have been a sponsor for a very long time. Do you like only paying $40 for a weekend of WordPress? Yeah, they help with that. So do a lot of other companies.


Let me get this straight

You have not tried the new Managed WordPress Hosting From GoDaddy. You’re hatred for GoDaddy comes from something that happened 7 or 8 years ago? Grow Up.

They’re Support….

They’re support is pretty damn awesome right now. Just yesterday, I needed their help with some VPS servers. They informed me that the client needs to pay some $$$ before they will help us.

Makes sense to me. Our client payed. The problem was solved.

Are you expecting their support to know how all 44,000+ Plugins & Themes work inside of WordPress, and how you have configured your server? Are you implying it’s GoDaddy’s fault because you read a tutorial online and didn’t fully understand what the code snippet does before you pasted it into your theme?

GoDaddy protects your site. However, if you paste a code snippet into your theme and the code opens a back door on your server, it’s not GoDaddy’s fault. Its your fault.

“Yeah but they didn’t help me with an issue I was having inside of WordPress”. They’re not responsible for what you do inside of WordPress. They are responsible for keeping your site up. They do not write the WordPress CMS. Nor should they be responsible for debugging WordPress. You want WordPress support, ask your question in the WordPress Forums. Ask the Advanced Group on Facebook. Ask a real support company. Ask the developer who built your theme / plugin you’re having problems with. It’s not GODADDY’S responsibility to debug code they did not write.

Is your site up? Can you login to WP-ADMIN? They’re job is done.

They bought a company I use

It happens all the time. This is nothing new. Coca Cola owns a giant portion of the beverage market. Ever drink a Dasani Water? How about Minute Maid? How about Fanta? All Coke Products People.

Here’s my point

GoDaddy is responsible for the employment / success my WordPress friends have. They are responsible for helping WordCamp organizers raise less money each and every year. Just because they bought ManageWP, doesn’t mean the service will become worse. In fact, I’m excited to see where ManageWP goes from here.

Shut up, and move on people.

WordPress Evangelist

2 thoughts on “I love you GoDaddy. I’m behind you 100%

  1. I’m honestly getting tired of the haterade with web hosts. Many of them have improved, including GoDaddy. I challenge anyone to visit the GoDaddy booth and talk with someone who works. I was given a year of free hosting and I’m going to take it and give an honest review. However, I’ve already experienced their hosting through my clients and maintaining their sites… so I know they’re better.

    I’m with you Russell… 100% supportive of GoDaddy.


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