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Holy New York Space Invaders

I’ve seen one space invader in my life. It wasn’t a real space invader in the sense of the design. It was a Space Invader designed, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader street art. You can see the image below. I flew to London and took a street art tour. Our tour guide Doug came through and brought me to a real life street art piece created by Space Invader. I was happy with life. I had seen the best art in the world while traveling the world. That was until I visited New York city on May 3rd, 2017.

Space Invader invades New York

Anytime I’m in a city of renown I google Space Invader. Usually, there is a post with a date measuring a few years old. The point is I always look for Space Invader sightings. Being in New York is no different. A city like New York is famous for its street art. The chances of seeing a real Space Invader is likely. A couple of years ago you could have seen a Banksy and Space Invader on the same day. Awesome right?

Let me tell you about the other awesome day you can have. It includes seeing Five (5) Space Invader Art Works in the same day. Possibly more, if you spend all day walking and taking an uber.

I found an article written in 2015 documenting an invasion of space invaders. I had my doubts about the authenticity of the written blog post. I happened to be close to one of the locations. I peeped it out. What did I find? A day of adventure.

The Flaming Invader

The flaming invader was the closest location while I was visiting Lower Manhattan. I was in China town at a Starbucks. I had to move locations and this was the perfect opportunity to stop by and see if the invaders were still there. Flaming Invader was there. There is a fence blocking the entrance. That’s how most street art works. I’m pretty sure it’s to ensure the longevity of the piece.

The Invader Banner

After the Flaming Invader proved to be valid, I started researching the other locations. It turns out a few others we close by. So why not look, right? I love when things are a few blocks away. The next Space Invader was 0.3 miles away. It’s more of a banner than a single invader. It’s still bad ass and worth the visit. Another street art piece in China town.

The Spray Can of New York

After the flaming invader and the banner proved to be true, you move on to the next location. Again, I struck gold with a NY logo being spray painted. It’s amazing and wonderful. It’s a smaller piece and kind of hard to see. Once you see it, it’s hard to look away.

The Flower Pot Invader

The last Invader available to see within the range of the other three turns out to be a flower pot. The address was not exact, however its worth looking arounf for. It’s hard to see from across the street. I would recommend viewing it in the morning. That way you can get some amazing photos.

Lastly I give you the drunk invader in New York

This one is a bit harder to view. Worth the walk and there are a million other spray can artworks along the way. I would also suggest seeing this in the morning. The cold air would feel like the coldness from the frosty mugg off beer.

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