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Drive Thru Shopping is something that just occurred to me.

drive thru shopping cart

Every time I order something from the Deli counter at my favorite grocery store, Winco Foods, I always push my cart against the glass that covers the meat and cheese. It also keeps the meat and cheese cold too. I noticed this last night as I went shopping. I always order a pound of Pastrami and one pound of Resers Yellow Mustard Potato Salad. Yes, I order it like that for those playing the home game. The person behind the counter slices the pastrami and puts it on a scale, scoops the Resers Yellow Mustard Potato Salad into a container and packages everything up for me. I pull my cart back and move on. It was at that moment, last night, that I realized that the waiting line for the deli counter is just like ordering food at Sonic. You pull up, order and someone brings you your order. I call it Drive Thru Shopping.

Think about it. You pull the cart up, select the items you want in your order and then leave. The only difference is that you pay for the items selected before you leave the mcDonald’s drive thru window. Other than that, there’s no difference. At least for me. Just kidding, I found another difference. At the deli counter, you can sample some of the product before you choose a selection. When was the last time a drive thru let you do that? Never. Drive thru shopping 1, regular drive thru’s 0. Another difference is that you’re able to buy King Hawaiian rolls at most deli counters, aka drive thru shopping counters. You don’t get King Hawaiian rolls with fast food. We’ll you used to. I think KFC used to serve them with some meals. OK, so maybe there are a bunch of differences between drive thru shopping deli counters and actual drive thru windows. I’m just saying, if you understand what I’m saying, it’s not far off from the same concept.

Speaking of McDonald’s, did you see that they created a bag that has a tear off tab? Yeah I know right. The bottom of the bag becomes a serving tray? Wait….What? NO WAY! What a brilliant idea. No more of this reaching into a large bag to get a french fry B.S. You just rip the tab and BOOM! Serving tray. I guess it’s safe to say: “You’ve been Served”!

Drive thru shopping idea’s

Why does Drive thru shopping only exist as long as a deli counter is present? I’ve got ideas here people. Let’s make everything like a drive thru shopping experience. Let’s turn every isle into a deli counter type of system. No, because then there would be a crazy line just to get a few rolls of paper towels. Ok, maybe I’m not going anywhere with this. I simply noticed that I pull up to the deli counter like a drive thru shopping shopper. That’s a funny phrase. Peace!

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