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Cute Confessions – I am cuter thanz you?

cute confessions

Kitty Lusby tells you her cute confessions

Kitty Lusby strikes a pose and vogue’s during WordCamp Vegas 2015.

A while ago I had this idea. I wanted to bring the mood level of the internet up. After realizing that’s going to be quite impossible, I realized that we could start with one community and hope to spread this idea across more. My idea is simple It’s called Cute Confessions. But before I introduce the concept to you, I need to introduce the players. In the Purple Corner, standing at an amazing five foot, one and five-sixteenths inches tall. She’s a feisty blogger that moved from Virginia to Vegas just because she fell in love with some tacos. I’d like to introduce to you, the amazing Kitty Lusby. Kitty is a professional blogger that’s not afraid to tell you like it is. That’s one of my favorite things about her. She gave this WordCamp presentation that was basically telling people not to be that asshole that everyone hates. You know the kind. The one’s that comment on your blog to generate traffic to their own blog. Yeah, those asshats. I asked her for a direct quote and this is what she gave me. “Don’t be that asshole” – Kitty Lusby. “I know, isn’t she cute and adorable?” – Kitty Lusby. Yeah, she’s also self-centered. Maybe that’s why I adore her even more.

Russell Aaron tells you his cute confessions

Russell Aaron of laughing at a funny thing

The other player in this game would be myself. I think you’ve seen enough pictures of me, so I’ll spare you that. Oh, you haven’t? Ok then. I’m that guy that really means well and want to see others make something out of their lives. Except it never comes out of my brain / mouth like that. It usually comes out as me insulting you, guilt tripping you or giving you a lecture on how you need to improve your life. Hi. I’m Russ. I’m that guy. You’ll learn to love me once you understand how crazy it is in my head. Be prepared for a few detours and pit stops on the way!

Cute Confessions

Now that you know the players in the game, you need to know what the game is. It’s called Cute Confessions. The idea is very simple. Kitty and I will post something on our blogs, at the same time, and reveal a confession. The idea behind this is to see who can be cuter. Not to mention, it’s good to put content out there that’s positive. SO here is us being positive. Kinda. NOTE: This is loosely based off the online blog called 400 days of dating . We are not dating, but it’s the same concept. We’ll both write something cute, that’s a confessional, and then post at the same time. That way you can read our blogs together and get a reading session in that’s jam packed with cuteness.

My Cute Confessions. #1

Animals will always have a special place in my heart. Since I was little, I’ve never had a bad thought about an animal. Other than the occasional “Fine. I didn’t want to cuddle you anyways” kind of thoughts. I love animals and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to save an animal’s life. It breaks my heart seeing those video’s on TV and youtube commercials. I hate even thinking about them. Hate is also one of those words that I do not like to use often. It’s rare that I actually hate something. Those commercials and anyone who hurts an animal in any way, I hate them. It’s not even up for debate.

So how is this cute? I mean, that’s the whole point to this Cute Confessions blog post battle with Kitty Lusby right? I’m glad you asked. My cute confession includes puppies. When I was much younger, I am turning 30 years old, I used to get dressed up in my wedding attire and marry animals together. I had this little blue and white dress shirt that we always kept at my grandma’s house. I had black corduroy pants and cute little tiny black dress shoes. To finish off the suit, I had a little blue clip on tie. I was a blonde haired, blue eyed boy in Reno, NV that would get dressed up and marry animals. It didn’t matter what kind of animal it was. I mean, I’m pretty sure that I married a spider and a lizard together once upon a time.

When I was younger, we had a dog named Sadie. She was a little gray Maltese poodle. She didn’t get along with my friends and I loved her for that. She would roam the back yard and stock anyone who came within 30 feet of our yard. She never made a noise. She was the ultimate stealth dog. She was our only dog and I used to wonder if she was lonely. One day I set off out to change that. Sadie and I went over to grandma’s house. We hung out all day and made play requests to the local radio station. I was about 9 or 10 years old. At one point, I saw another dog from outside of a window. I wondered if he was lonely as well. Like I said earlier, I grabbed my dress clothes and we ran out the door and to the fence. I knew the dogs name was Trigger. I assumed he was a boy. At 9 or 10, you don’t have time to think about stuff like that. It didn’t matter. What mattered is that I was about to end the loneliness for two of the sweetest puppies I had ever known.

I walked up to the fence between my grandmother’s house and her neighbors. I tapped on the fence and yelled “Trigger. Your wife is here.” I don’t think Trigger was trained very well. Or he assumed I said treat and not “wife”. So he ran to the fence. Before I could get a word out to marry both animals together in a holy union, they both started barking and running back and forth from one end of the yard to another. Both puppies, to me, seemed so happy to be in the presence of the other. So while both puppies were playing Bark and chase, I started to marry them. I said things like “Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you. Do you, Sadie, take Trigger to be your awful wedded husband puppy? Trigger do you take Sadie to be your awful wife puppy”? You’re probably laughing by this point. Give me a break, I was 9 or 10. I didn’t know that it was lawful and not awful. I had never been to a wedding that I could remember. I had no idea that there were more words to that. I mean, what kind of marriage was this? The puppies didn’t even get to say their vows. It was my kind of wedding. A secret puppy wedding that only I attended. I have had a few more animal weddings since Sadie and Trigger’s. I married both of my grandmothers guinea pigs and I also married a dog to a pot belly pig. My buddy Josh had a dog and a pig. Beggars can’t be choosers you know. If it was up to me, at 10 years old, I would have married a tiger and a cheetah together. Except this was Reno, NV in the mid 1990’s. The only chance of seeing those two animals in the same place was at a zoo. Even then, no one in their right mind would of left me alone by the tiger cages. There would of been no way to have a secret wedding. I wasn’t about to go public either. So I had to settle for two dogs, two guinea pigs and a dog and a pot belly pig.

This has been my cute confessional. You can head on over to Miss Kitty Lusby’s website and read her cute confessional (if you feel like it). I ask of you one thing. Please use the poll at the bottom of this website to determine who was the cutest in this Cute Confessions Blog Battle Part One. Thank you for your time. I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to reading online blogs. My staff and I would like to thank you for flying Russell Air! Your airline for the 25th century. You know, cause the 21st – 24th are already claimed.

mitchel and russ on cute confession day

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2 thoughts on “Cute Confessions – I am cuter thanz you?”

  1. Now that I understand the Cuter Than Kitty jabs, I find it much funnier. Just wanted to drop in and say that I think Kitty’s confession is sweet and kind, Russ’s confession is hilarious – “Awful Wedded Husband” and all. My vote still went to Kitty and I hope that we can become friends so she can write a song about me.

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