Chris Lema blew my mind last night. Here’s how I feel about it.
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Imagine that you heard, more than a month in advance, that an amazing speaker is going to be speaking at an event that you attend every month. You have seen this person speak a few times. Every time they get up on stage, this person tells you a story that interacts with the lesson they are trying to tell. You get excited right? Your mind starts to race with wonder. You imagine that they are going to talk about something big that’s currently happening in the business community that they participate in. It’s at that moment when you realized that you were right and wrong at the same time.

For those of you that do not know Chris Lema, there are not enough lines available on the entire internet to describe what an amazing individual he is. Not to mention that he’s stupid smart. Meaning that he’s so smart, it makes you feel stupid. Not in a mean kind of way. More like a “I want to be as smart as he is one day..” kind of way. He’s a wonderful speaker and an amazing presenter of topics. Brass Tax, the guy’s just awesome. OK. Let’s get to how Chris Lema blew my mind and how I felt about it.

Las Vegas WordPress Meetup

As long as I’ve been going to the Las Vegas WordPress Meet Up, our fearless leader John Hawkins has implored members of the group to submit a presentation and speak at the event each month. He’s done a number of things to try to get people to speak about WordPress. I mean, at one point I thought he was going to have to give out a Rolex to the presenter of the best presentation, just to get more people to speak at our little meet up. Enter Stage Right: Chris Lema.

No one knew what Chris Lema was going to talk about. I’m not kidding. John asked him to speak and he said sure. That’s it. No discussion about topics. “Hey wanna speak this month”? “Sure”. END OF STORY. Chris get’s up and starts telling us a story about a gruesome motorcycle accident. Seriously. The guy gets impailed by a spike through the eye socket…. I’ll stop there for the sake of the story. He then explains that it’s idiots like the ones, that he describes in his story, that helped contribute to brain science discoveries like developing the FRMI or known as the Functional magnetic resonance imaging. It’s at this point the we’re on the edge of our seats and at the same time, we’re wondering that this all has to do about WordPress.

The funniest thing I’ve heard in a while

There we are, wondering what FRMI’s and brain science has to do with WordPress. Then he hits us. Chris mentions that more than 30,000 papers have been written since the invention of the FRMI, and that the majority of them say that within 1 hour of hearing information, some people will forget what they heard. And for the rest of us, we’ll more than likely forget after 30 days. “So if you are worried about speaking about WordPress in front of a group, you should feel re-assured that no matter how bad you suck, statistics show that after 30 days, no one will remember.” There is a small pause. Laughter erupts. I thought a riot was going to break out. The entire room is just in tears.

Something I know, that you dont know

I’m not trying to say that I’m different and better. I’m saying that I’ve trained myself to think this way. Chris Lema pointed out that even though you only know one small tiny thing about WordPress, there will always be someone who knows nothing about WordPress. That’s where you come in and that’s where you get the motivation to speak at a meet up like ours. Even if the thing you know is a fact like changing the site url in the settings page will in fact break your site, that’s still important information to know and it can save someone hours of work down the road. You see where he’s getting at here. We all have our own journey and all speaking in front of a group, is as simple as telling a story of something that you already did. It’s not like you need to make something up. You literally do something, pass or fail, and then talk about it.

So I’d like to thank Chris Lema for making us laugh, showing us a new way to implore people to speak at our meet up and offer you the chance to check out his website, for free, on the internet.

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