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Listen To: Amongst Thieves – The Lost Art Of Conversation

Listen To: Amongst Thieves – The Lost Art Of Conversation

Listen To: Amongst Thieves – The Lost Art Of Conversation
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Every day I discover a new band. It’s really fun to discover new sounds, and it’s good for the brain. There is a website that I visit. This website helps me discover amazing music and directly support the artists who make it. It’s called Bandcamp. So it should be no surprise that I’m going to include a few of these newly discovered bands in my Listen To Series. This week I’m talking about Amongst Thieves.

I love bands from the U.K. Wait, strike that. I love music from the UK. I’ve written about a few of them so far. So why not write about one more.

If you’re into music that has a lot of singing, with a little screaming and group backing vocals, you’re going to love Amongst Thieves. This band sounds like Chiodos, mixed in with Scary Kids Scaring Kids. I love that about them. They also sound a little like the early days of Blessthefall. They do have a unique sound, though. Music is all about what you’re band likes to play / listen to as a collective whole. I wonder what their influences were / are.

Amongst Thieves banner

How I found out about Amongst Thieves

One day I was followed by @AmongstMorgan on Twitter. Alex Morgan is in the band Amongst Thieves. After I followed him back, I clicked around and found my way to their Bandcamp page. I listened to the music on their first record called Revise. Reform. Their song “They Hunt In Packs” had me instantly hooked in. I listened to the rest of the album and proceeded to buy the album on Bandcamp. The cool part about this website is that you can name your own price. I usually pay $1 per song.

amongst thieves pre-order tshirtMy only regret is knowing about Amongst Thieves sooner. I would of pre-ordered one of their t-shirts that’s now sold out. Hopefully, there will be more coming at a later date. For now, check out the music videos for Amongst Thieves and check out their website when you get a chance. Give them an honest listen and you’ll become a fan. Hopefully one day they come to the United States for a tour. Maybe Warperd Tour? That would be awesome.

Amongst Thieves – They Hunt In Packs

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