Listen To: While She Sleeps – Silence Speaks (Feat. Oli Sykes)

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I’m a huge Bring Me The Horizon Fan. When someone from the band does something, I watch. I listen. I had a notification pop up on my screen. Oli Sykes, from Bring Me The Horizon is featured in a new song. I gave it a listen. I fell in love with While She Sleeps Silence Speaks.

I’m a huge fan of music with hardcore metal & chants. I’m a fan of new music. When I find something with both, it makes my day. Seriously, I’ve had this song on repeat for the last two weeks. Non-stop. I have a list on Spotify. The list contains one song, While She Sleeps Silence Speaks.

One of the things I love about this song is the music video. I’ve included a youtube video for the making of. Watch it. It’s pretty sick. Have a good listen. Enjoy. Add this to your playlist.

Behind The Scenes: Making of Silence Speaks

Russell Aaron